PHOTO: Giant Crocodile Spotted Carrying Dead Man’s Body Through Lagoon

by Lauren Boisvert

CONTENT WARNING: Graphic Images of a Deceased Person

In disturbing news out of Mexico, a crocodile was spotted dragging a dead body through lagoon waters recently. Journalist Porfirio Ibarra posted a video of the incident on Twitter, showing the crocodile swimming through the waters of Laguna del Carpintero in Tampico Tamaulipas carrying the deceased man in its jaws.

The body was already missing its left forearm and foot. Horrified onlookers stared helplessly as the crocodile swam by, holding the man face-down by his head and right shoulder. It’s suspected that the reptile could be about 18 feet long. “Presumably the man entered the lagoon to swim and was attacked by the animal,” wrote Ibarra on Twitter. It is illegal to swim in Laguna del Carpintero, though.

Local journalist Jorge Becerril also shared the video, claiming that not long after, officials removed the body from the water. There is no word on the man’s identity or what exactly happened.

Man Mauled By Crocodile, Dragged Down River in India

Earlier this month, a man in Gujarat, India was attacked and dragged to his death by a crocodile in the Dhadhar River. The incident was caught on video, and officials speculate that he slipped and fell into the water. The video shows the deceased floating on the water’s surface before a crocodile drags his body underneath.

Residents of Sokhdaraghu Village attempted to save the man, but there was no way to remove his body from the crocodile’s jaws without risking their own lives as well. The man’s brother told the Times of India Daily, “He had gone to a dargah [shrine] that is located right on the river bank. I think he must have slipped from the parapet and fell in the river.”

Officials finally found the man’s body downriver on the evening of August 7. “We are trying to find out how the victim ended up in the river, as locals witnessed the attack only after he was already inside the water,” said deputy conservator of forests Ravirajsinh Rathod. According to residents who live near the river, there are frequent attacks from crocodiles in the area.

Florida Firefighter Survives Alligator Attack, Has New Lease On Life

Juan Carlos La Verde recently survived an alligator attack in Lake Thonotosassa, and he claims the experience has given him a new perspective. He was bitten on the face and head which required a 6-hour surgery. He must wear a helmet to protect his injuries while they heal, but according to his GoFundMe page, he is on the mend.

“If people want to see this any other way than a legit miracle it’s silly to think that. I shouldn’t be alive,” he said, but added, “I am perfectly fine. I am actually even better because this gave me a new perspective, you know. And not many people get that.”