Giant Unidentified Sea Creature With ‘Stringy White Hair’ Washes Up on Oregon Beach

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images)

An Oregon couple was completely mystified when they discovered a massive, “stringy” white-haired sea creature washed up on the coast near Florence.

According to the New York Post, Florence, OR local Adoni Tegner found the odd sea creature. He spotted it while driving along the coast on Wednesday. Tegner described it as a monster. He said it was covered in long white hair and smelled strongly of “decomposing mammal.”

After finding the sea creature on the beach, the outlet states Tegner called his girlfriend, Merica Lynn. She also took a look at it but neither of the locals could determine what they had found.

“It just didn’t look anything like what I’ve ever seen,” Tegner said. “It looked more stringy and it almost looked like it had been a large squid or something.”

Lynn also offered her input.

“We’ve seen whales wash up before, and some that had been stuck on the shore for a few weeks, and never have they grown hair like that,” she said. She also said that the sea creature felt “firm but squishy.” Lynn added that it was blubbery but she could not actually determine what it had been before.

Posting a video of the sea creature online, Tegner and Lynn didn’t receive much help narrowing down their find. Multiple commenters deemed it a “globster.” According to the news outlet, globster is a name given to marine animals that wash ashore that are no longer distinguishable.

Oregon University Scientists Deem Creature a Whale Carcass

Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Center, however, offered a more scientific explanation, stating its likely the “sea creature” is actually a whale carcass.

“What looks like hair is the decomposing remains of other body tissues: muscles, nerves, tendons, etc.” stranding program manager Jim Rice explained. “I would estimate that this one has been dead for several months.”

Still Tegner struggled imagining it as anything without tentacles.

“If it had been torn apart,” he said, “it was really odd how the muscle structure broke down and almost made it look like it had some kind of tentacles on it.” Images of the creature definitely spotlight tentacle-like extremities.

Florida Couple Baffled By Mysterious ‘Grunting’ Sea Creature

While it appears the hairy sea creature in Oregon is only a decomposing whale carcass, one Florida couple was left completely baffled after they encountered a 15-foot-long “grunting” sea creature.

The video sees the creature roiling through the water, and grunting before it dives beneath the surface. Commenters were just as baffled as the videographer, while some offered their opinion on what the couple had seen.

One viewer joked, “Loch Ness Monster wintering in Florida,” though several others more seriously suggested “Manatee.”

Joe Tiller, who captured the video, said of the sighting, “In these waters, it’s not very uncommon to see [manatees]. This one looked very different! It had huge muscles like shoulders on a bull! It was as if it was rolling its shoulders like a bear underwater!”