Goat Missing Half of Its Head Shockingly Still Alive in Bizarre Viral Video

by Tia Bailey
stock photo

A now-viral video of a goat is shocking viewers. The poor animal is missing half of its head, but is still alive and going about its day.

The video, shared by Nature is Metal on Instagram, showed the person taking the video drive up to a goat. However, when faced head-on, the top half of the goat’s head is missing. The goat is still just walking alongside the road. The caption of the post offers a possible explanation to the goat’s injury.

“It is likely that the initial injury to this ram’s noggin came during a spirited bout of head smashing, maybe with another ram, maybe with a bus. When all you have is a weaponized noodle, everything starts to look smashable,” it reads. “This might satisfy the how, but the why remains a mystery… Why is this guy still kickin’ it after losing a significant portion of the ol’ domer? It looks like he has survived through most of the infection, but that middle part…you know, the part that looks like a moldy sandwich… is that not his brain? As it happens, I’ve got another how that needs answering: How the f*ck is this guy still alive, let alone walking around like everything is chill?”

Many commenters were stunned at the video. One Instagram user wrote: “I think this is the most metal thing posted on here I’ve seen.” Another person said: “I’m not sure but it looks like that part might still be it’s skull instead of it’s brain. I don’t think they can survive too long or even walk around if the brain is exposed, but then again there are always extreme cases of animals surviving weird s**t. i might be wrong.”

Monkey and Goat Best Friends in Adorable Video

A happier goat video was shared on Twitter a few weeks ago. The video is captioned: “Goat and his little monkey friend..” In the clip, a person is holding out their hands with berries in them. A goat with a monkey hanging onto him trots up and the two eat some berries.

One person quote-tweeted the video and brought up a few questions about the video.

“I’m absolutely obsessed with this. So many questions 1 why’s a monkey and goat living in the woods 2 is the goat cool with being ridden 3 what does the guy say at the beginning 4 what is the food 5 where is this 6 what happened before the camera rolled 7 what happens next 8 why?” they wrote.

The adorable video was also shared to YouTube by the channel Animals Home. Many people in the comments fell in love with the two sweet animals in the video.

One person commented: “These two are just the most adorable pair! I can honestly say that they make me laugh out loud at times…BiBi just won’t be left behind and will always hitch a ride with her friend.”

Another wrote: “This is amazing to see !! Thank you !!!”