Goats Come Out of Nowhere to Surprise Hiker on Mountain Peak in Montana in Wild Video

by Megan Molseed

Recently, one Montana hiker came across a few surprising hiking buddies while scaling a mountain peak. During the thrilling adventure – which was thankfully caught on video – the mountain climber came face to face with some mountain goats high above the Montana plains.

Hiker Is Jointed By Unexpected Guests While Enjoying A Montana Mountain Sunset

The hiker decided recently to travel up to a peak on Montana’s Bridger Range near Bozeman for a sunset hike. However, they had no idea the unusual visitors would be crashing the adventure. Take a peak at the video of the mountain goats approaching the hiker.

“I had a close encounter with mountain goats,” the hiker notes. “[O]n the summit of a peak in the Bridger Range at sunset. I went for a sunset hike and they approached me on top.”

The Mountain Goats Greet Their Mountain Visitor And Then Head Out On Their Way

As the video begins, we a breathtaking view as the video captures the gorgeous Montana landscape from atop the mountain peak. Then, a large mountain goat enters into the frame from around a bend. The mountain goat stops and looks at the hiker for a bit as another mountain goat follows close behind.

They stand for a moment, checking out their fellow mountain climber. Giving some adorable head tilt as they rest. Then they appear to set out on their way, the second mountain goat heading down the slope first. The larger one follows close behind.

Goats Take Over Alabama Deputy’s Car, Snack On Paperwork

These mountain goats may have politely greeted the hiker and then carried on their way along the mountainside. Other goats, however, like to sneak into places they don’t belong. Snacking on some unusual – and very official – goodies such as these wayward climbers who found their way into an Alabama deputy’s police cruiser!

As Alabama Deputy Casy Thrower was serving papers at a residence nearby, two goats decided to hijack his cruiser. One of the goats stood on top of the cruiser as if it were the designated lookout while the other climbed into the vehicle snacking on official paperwork.

“Here’s a little Friday funny humor to lighten your evening,” the Facebook post notes.

“This morning while delivering civil papers Deputy Casey Thrower returned to his patrol vehicle to find an eager — and hungry — couple of GOATS,” the post explains.

“Deputy Casey Thrower was serving civil documents out in the county this morning when he overheard something in his patrol car and was met by a couple of goats,” the hilarious story continues.

“Deputy Thrower has been serving the citizens of Madison County for about 40 years and is considered one of our G.O.A.T deputies,” the Facebook message quips. “We got a huge kick out of this today and hope it brought a smile to your face as well.”