Golden Eagle Snatches Mountain Goat, Lets It Fall to Its Death in Savage Video

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by: Bluered/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

In this unbelievable footage, a golden eagle captures a mountain goat with its talons before lifting the animal into the air. Then, after flying with the goat, the eagle drops it hundreds of feet to its death.

The incident, which occurred in the Italian Alps, will be featured in an upcoming episode of Sir David Attenborough’s Frozen Planet II series. The scene will air on Sunday’s new episode. According to the BBC, an eagle flying with and then dropping a goat has never been caught on film before.

The video offers insight into just how powerful these massive birds are. Even though the adult chamois goat weighs five times more than the eagle, the predator sunk its talons deep into the goat’s neck and flew off with the animal.

The episode will be called “Frozen Peaks.” It shows new footage of a mating pair of eagles taking baby goats from these Italian cliffs. The eagles drop the goats to their deaths and then eat their remains.

However, before filming ended, the film crew was shocked to see a golden eagle attacking an adult male. The incredible footage was first shared on BBC Breakfast.

BBC Producer Comments on Eagle Snatching Up Adult Goat

Normally, the golden eagles attack baby goats or other smaller-sized mammals like rabbits.

However, this video turns that idea on its head. After attacking the goat and dragging it to the cliff’s edge, the eagle takes flight. Then, it drops it mid-air, and the goat falls for what feels like an eternity before hitting the ground.

Later, the two eagles were seen eating the remains of the mountain goat.

BBC producer Alex Lanchester said that the Frozen Planet team couldn’t believe what they’d just seen. Lanchester, when talking to The Express, said: “It’s never been filmed before. We knew they went for the calves in the spring – but not the adults.”

“It’s extraordinary behaviour,” Lanchester said. “These goats weigh [five] times the weight of the eagle so it’s incredibly heavy.”

“They are huge and the way that the eagles kill them is they pick them up and drop them off the cliff,” he added. “It’s very brutal. They hunt in pairs.”

The golden eagle is the most extensively studied species of raptor in the world.

The golden eagle is a huge raptor, coming in at 26-40 inches in length. Its wings are broad; its wingspan is 1.8 5 ft 11 inches to 7 ft 8 inches.

Frozen Planet II is presented and narrated by David Attenborough. Hans Zimmer composed the score for the documentary. BBC’s Natural History Unit filmed and produced the series. Frozen Planet II focuses on the life and environment of the polar regions. Additionally, the documentary also explores the entire cryosphere and climate change.