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Good Samaritan Rescues Helpless Deer After it Gets Bucket Stuck on Its Head

by Brett Stayton
Deer Grazing In Green Grass
Photo by Philippe Gerber/Getty Images

We all get our heads stuck in a bucket and need a little help sometimes. I mean I’ve never actually had a bucket literally stuck on my head. But one time as a kid I accidentally locked myself in a dog cage from the inside and got stuck in there for like 5 hours until my dad came home, so I get what this deer is going through. Crazy footage from North Carolina shows a disoriented deer struggling to navigate a neighborhood while a bucket is stuck over its head.

According to UPI, the incident took place near Winston-Salem. The video was recorded by Kevin McHugh. It shows neighbors trying to corral the bucket-headed deer as it crashes into a brick wall and a wood fence. Ultimately it backflips into a bush once the bucket is removed. The deer is clearly excited as can be once its face is freed from the predicament though.

Neighbor Helps Free Doe With Head Stuck In Bucket

“It was just running for its life– smashing into everything in front of it and totally blind,” McHugh told WXII-TV. “Hopping around because it couldn’t see– and thought it was in the dark. It was like a zombie movie, it was really terrifying.”

Removing the bucket actually proved to be a bigger struggle than McHugh anticipated. He had to play a little tug of war with the frantic doe before successfully lifting the bucket off her head. He was admittedly nervous about the whole ordeal, but stuck it out and was able to help out the deer in need. “It was terrifying. If I didn’t have my adrenaline going the whole time, I would’ve probably run from the deer instead of going toward the deer,” he said. “The only thing I thought to do was try to wrestle the bucket off its head. And I succeeded.”

Deer Crashes Through Butcher Shop In Minnesota

The deer with the bucket on its head crashing into the brick wall was actually relatively mild compared to the frantic deer in Minnesota that crashed through the glass doors of a butcher shop. Making the video even more wild is the fact that people were in the butcher shop at the time. As the deer shatters through the entryway, it struggles to gain a footing on the slick tile floor. Eventually, it skids into the opposite wall. The deer attempts to break free out of a window, however, it’s unable to shatter the glass and exit. Eventually, the deer makes a run for the door and leaves the shop through the same doors it entered.

The butcher shop actually had to close for a few days to repair the damage. All in all the deer seemed unharmed though. Melissa Evans who owns the butcher shop shared the video online. Her caption read “This was truly an ordeal and I am really not sure who was more scared at the time me or the deer, but it was a pretty terrifying experience overall.”