Good Samaritans Rescue Squirrel Clinging to Barnacles Above Seawater in Viral Video

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Aytac Unal/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

In this viral video, a group of Good Samaritans assist a tiny squirrel in getting back to dry land. The squirrel had fallen into the seawater off of St. Pete Pier in Florida, and these people helped rescue the critter.

For most of the five minute clip, the squirrel clings to a group of barnacles located on the side of the pier. A man takes a scarf and wraps his belt through the scarf. Then, he lowers the scarf-and-belt combo down toward the squirrel, hoping the animal will latch onto the scarf.

In the five minute video, the squirrel makes multiple attempts to escape from the barnacles. Then, it continually tries to grab the scarf but misses and has to swim from the water to the barnacles on the side.

However, eventually, the squirrel is able to hold onto the scarf. The man raises the contraption toward the concrete bulkhead. Once the animal hits the concrete, it takes off, dashing into some shrubbery.

The long version (5 minutes) of the rescue can be viewed here. However, the shortened version of the clip can be viewed below.

“I held my breath, that stressed me out,” one commenter wrote. “Glad the squirrel got out…took him a minute there”

“Yeah nice that Aint easy to do,” another said.

One person wrote a comment from the squirrel’s perspective. “Squirrel:… a little lower!!… to the right… No, the other other right!!!.., ok hold it right there!!!”

A final user congratulated the rescuers. “Good job!”

Squirrel Causes Absolute Chaos in Man’s House During Zoom Call

In this hilarious viral TikTok video, a man goes absolutely crazy when a squirrel enters his home office while he’s on a Zoom call.

There’s so much to unpack in this video.

First, it seems the man has had an encounter with the squirrel before. One, he has a baseball bat leaned against the wall right by his desk. Second, once the man notices the squirrel has entered the room, he screams for someone off-camera, saying that the squirrel “is back.”

Clearly, the squirrel had been inside the house earlier, but wasn’t located. It seems as though the man went back to work before the critter struck again, leaving us with this sensational video below.

@whoalaureik Just your average conference call #scaredme #squirrelsoftiktok #squirrelattack #squirrel #conferencecall #edwardmarcchocolatier #foryoupage #fyp #afv ♬ original sound – Lauren

Honestly, we feel terrible for the man after watching this clip. While most people would understandably be momentarily frightened by the animal, this man took things to an entirely different level.

He grabs the bat and starts screaming loudly, and then he eventually jumps on top of his desk. Then, the squirrel seems to lunge at him, causing him to scream even more loudly.

We can’t imagine what the people on the other end of the Zoom call were thinking.

Plenty of TikTokers reacted to the hilarious footage in the video’s comment section.

“All I can hear is Marv from Home Alone 2,” one person commented, referencing the man’s high-pitched screams.

“Perfectly expressed exactly how I would act in the same situation,” one person remarked.

“When the squirrel flew omg,” one person said, referencing the moment when the creature lunges across the room.