Goose Rescued With Arrow Through Its Head

by Atlanta Northcutt

A disturbing scene is caught on camera as a goose is found with an arrow sticking out of its head in Boulder, Colorado. The goose was rescued and is lucky to be alive. Authorities are looking for the individual responsible for such horrific abuse of an animal.

Police officers discovered the bird wandering through the snow with an arrow clearly sticking directly through the goose’s head. The caring officers were able to safely capture the injured waterfowl with a net. They managed to cut the end of the arrow with a pair of bolt cutters in order to remove the long, protruding end of the arrow.

The footage comes from an officer’s body cam. The scene takes place on March 16. The Boulder Police Department released a statement the following day asking anyone who has information to contact the authorities.

“It saddens us the things some humans do to each other & to animals. So when we’re able to help, we love to do so. BPD Animal Protection safely rescued this goose yesterday, removed part of the arrow & helped transport him. Pls call 303-441-3333 if you know who did this,” the statement reads.

The Goose Has Gained Nationwide Support

An outpouring of both anger and disgust towards the perpetrator, along with care and concern for the goose continues to roll in from individuals throughout the community and entire country. The story is capturing audiences in Chicago, New York, and many more states.

Due to a great deal of public interest and care, the police force provided an update.

“How about a HAPPY update for Goose? He’s recuperating well at @Greenwood_CO today after undergoing surgery yesterday to remove the arrow. He’s even eating a little bit of food & is expected to make a full recovery,” the Boulder Police Department states.

Boulder Police Save The Day

The new photo shows the goose after undergoing surgery to remove the remaining part of the arrow. The post explains that the goose is healing at the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. It also says that the goose is “recuperating well.” It’s even beginning to eat small bits of food while in the warmth of the rehabilitation center.

Although the story is disheartening, it does have a happy ending. The goose was safely rescued. It is now recovering from its injuries with treatment by kind and caring professionals.

If you have any information on this story, contact the Boulder Police Department at 303-441-3333.