Great Egret Falls Victim to Patient Alligator in Tense Footage: VIDEO

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

In this crazy video, a great egret succumbs to a patient alligator who stalks the bird and nabs it before it can escape.

The video, which was captured in the coastal marshes of Texas, shows the alligator wading through the water and pouncing on the great egret. If listening to the audio, there’s a violent crunching noise made when the gator chomps down on the bird.

“Alligators cruise around these islands, searching for hatchlings that have fallen out of their nests or adults that are unaware of their surroundings,” the caption writes.

As the caption mentions, the great egret underestimated the speed of the alligator. It also couldn’t step over a branch quickly enough, which “triggered” the alligator to jump into action.

The video can be seen below.

“All because my man couldn’t get that leg over,” one person wrote, referring to the great egret’s inability to clear the branch in time.

“I thought it was totally safe due to how NOT sneaky that gator was lol,” another person chimed in.

“Camping in Florida I see these birds get snapped all the time,” one commenter wrote.

Of course, a few people made some puns in the comment section. “No egrets,” one said. “‘Egrets, I’ve had a few …'”

“Winner winner chicken dinner,” another wrote.

“Didn’t trust her instinct on time,” one person commented.

Alligator Seen in Hurricane Ian’s High Floodwaters in Florida

An alligator was seen swimming through floodwaters in Lake County, Florida near Astor as Hurricane Ian swept across the state on Wednesday.

In the viral video, WESH’s Marlei Martinez films an alligator swimming along the high water. The gator appears to be about 9-10 feet long.

Earlier on Wednesday, Lake County’s fire chief warned residents that plenty of unsavory critters may be seen with the ongoing floods from the hurricane.

“With the high water, we get some amphibious creatures to come out of the swamps — snakes, alligators (that) we normally wouldn’t,” he said, according to WESH.

However, other local authorities in Florida have also issued similar warnings about wildlife in the wake of Hurricane Ian.

Collier County’s Government tweeted: “#CollierCounty Emergency Management asks to PLEASE stay away from flood water. Flood water is dangerous. We’ve received reports of sewage, alligators, and snakes in flood water in our community. Please stay away, and if there are any non-emergency questions, please call 311.”

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials also released a warning to citizens about the increased danger of wildlife encounters.

“You may be more likely to see alligators, snakes and bears, so remember to stay alert and give them space,” the department said in a Facebook post.