Guy Opens His Door in Alaska to Find Giant Bull Moose Right Outside: VIDEO

by Amy Myers

Only in Alaska will you wake up to find a gigantic bull moose standing on your front stoop before you’ve even poured your first cup of coffee. And only in Alaska is that a valid excuse to be late to work.

In the lower 48, we have our fair share of critters that wind up outside our homes, a grazing deer or an overly curious black bear, but it’s not quite the same as a 1,400-pound animal with giant antlers and a tendency to charge when provoked.

Thankfully, though, the moose in question at this guy’s house didn’t seem to want any trouble. In fact, it’s not quite clear what the hooved traveler was doing when the resident opened the door, but it didn’t seem to mind that he came out to say hello.

There’s not much you can do when you find a moose on your front porch. You can try to bang a pot to scare it away, but you risk having an antler-shaped dent in your door. Unless you have a cow moose decoy at your disposal, you likely just have to wait until the animal moves along to some new distraction.

“Just a normal day in Alaska,” the caption read.

Naturally, this strangely calm interaction between man and moose warranted respect for both species.

“(I’m) surprised u was able to get that cool footage without incident,” one person said.

Another agreed, “Moose will stomp you out like a morning campfire.”

“Don’t make any sudden movements,” a third suggested.

Just How Dangerous Are Moose?

Despite what we may see from encounters that end in disaster, moose, by nature, aren’t really all that aggressive. As the largest species in the Cervidae family, they lead a pretty docile life, munching on pounds of willows, birches and grasses each day and patiently waiting for the rut.

But if they feel they are in danger, let’s hope you’re nowhere around.

Typically, moose will charge if you come too close, especially if there are calves with them. Once you’ve passed that threshold, there’s no turning back, and you’ll need to get to some sort of cover, fast. Adult moose can run up to 35 miles per hour and can reach nearly 7 feet at the shoulder. That’s a whole lot of animal charging forward.

Take this encounter for example. This group tried to pass a cow moose and her two calves and ended up finding out first-hand just how fast these creatures are. Thankfully, the only victim was this person’s truck, but the message was still pretty clear: don’t mess with mama.

“Each time we would try to sneak by her, she would get aggressive,” the driver shared. “Finally she rammed the truck several times, first with her head then with her shoulder. This ordeal took more than 15 minutes and nearly a mile of the road.”