Hair-Raising Footage Shows Leopard Attacking Biker and Terrorizing Villagers

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Sanka Vidanagama/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

In this crazy footage captured from an Indian village, a leopard rampaged through the town and attacked several people before being corralled by residents.

The video currently holds nearly 200,000 views on Twitter.

The wild incident took place on Nov. 4 in the town of Krishnarajanagara, in Mysore district in the state of Karnataka, according to Jam Press.

The 11-second clip shows an angry leopard jumping up at villagers watching from a rooftop. Then, the leopard turns around and lunges after a motorcyclist driving by. In a few seconds, the predator closes the distance and brings the terrified driver and his motorcycle to the ground.

The big cat then hops into a bush, and then a forest ranger runs out and tries to distract it by throwing rocks. The leopard then comes out of the bushes and charges at the person before running off.

According to local forest official M Malathi Priya, both the motorcyclist and the ranger were hospitalized with minor injuries following the rampage. He also claimed that wildlife officials were trying to track down the rogue feline.

However, just hours after the first video, Twitter users uploaded another post, in which they claimed the same leopard had been “caught by villagers” that morning. The footage shows a group of whooping bystanders carrying the cat by its neck with their bare hands.

Tourist Spots Critically Endangered Indochinese Black Leopard

The clip concludes with them restraining the leopard, with people online either praising the villagers for saving their home or castigating them for their handling of the animal.

According to a follow-up Twitter post, the leopard sustained minor injuries during the fray. However, it was subsequently rescued by forest authorities.

Recently, a tourist in Thailand spotted and filmed a rare sight when they came across a critically endangered Indochinese black leopard in the wild.

The tourist captured the black leopard wandering around in Kaen Krachan National Park. The park is the largest national park in Thailand and on the border with the country of Burma. The tourist destination also borders the Tanintharyi Nature Reserve. The popular park is close to the city of Hua Hin, which is a tourist town in Thailand. And one lucky visitor had a chance encounter with an Indochinese black leopard.

In the tourist’s video taken from inside a car, you can see the leopard walking straight toward the camera down a dirt path. The wild animal veers off the road and sniffs around in the grass before continuing its stroll. The big cat seems to notice the tourist filming and keeps an eye on them. However, the leopard continues to walk straight down the path. Eventually, it stops in its tracks, but continues on before rolling around on the ground.

Considering the species is critically endangered, witnessing an Indochinese black leopard in the wild is uncommon indeed. The video gives viewers a rarely-seen look at one of Southeast Asia’s most elusive animals.