Harvest Moon 2022: See the Most Stunning Photos of the Incredible Lunar Event

by Megan Molseed

The temperatures may still be sweltering in some areas as summer is coming to an end. But we are already well into September … which means everything we love about autumn is just around the corner. A season that ushers in the cool temps that make us all think of some of our favorite things. From apple picking to pumpkin-spice anything and everything, to crunchy leaves, light sweaters, and cool temps.

Autumn is also the time of year that ushers in a busy season for farmers all over the world as the fall harvest gets underway. One major piece that helps to usher in this time of year is the annual “harvest moon” which appears right around the fall equinox. A moon that has been mesmerizing people all across the world over the last few days.

Twitter Users Share Their Breathtaking Views Of The 2022 Harvest Moon

From Long Island to Stone Henge, to Seattle the 2022 Harvest Moon is shining bright with its eerily mesmerizing orange glow. And, thankfully, Twitter users are eager to share some breathtaking images of the wonderful phenomenon.

“Tonight’s #HarvestMoon over Seattle,” writes one Seattle-based photographer Tim Durkan in a September 9 Twitter post. Durkan’s post features an incredible sight as the full moon shines bright and beautifully orange over Seattle’s iconic Space Needle.

Over in the UK, the same Harvest Moon shines bright above one of the most famous ancient wonders of the world, Stonehenge. The 5,000-year-old World Heritage site is one of the most breathtaking places on the planter. And, Stonehenge became even more breathtaking this week as the Harvest Moon made an unforgettable appearance. Rising above the ancient relics with breathtaking beauty.

“The 2022 Harvest Full Moon rising over Stonehenge last night,” notes the Stonehenge U.K. Twitter page in an early Saturday morning post. Of course, what is a post about the 2022 Harvest Moon without a nod to the harvesting season it ushers in each year? To honor the tradition, the Stonehenge U.K. tweet includes a grain emoji in the post’s message.

“Photo courtesy of Stonehenge Dronescapes,” the Saturday morning post continues. “#harvest#moon#fullmoon.”

“Harvest Moon over Long Island tonight,” shares television host Bill O’Reilly in a September 9 Twitter post. This post features a breathtaking view of the Harvest Moon over the ocean as some incredible tides are rolling in.

Reflecting off the already gorgeous ocean waters is the light of the 2022 Harvest Moon as it shines above the water in the nighttime sky.

“Enjoy the weekend,” O’Reilly writes in his Twitter caption.

The Harvest Moon Occurs During The Full-Moon Phase Closest To The Equinox

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the 2022 Harvest Moon falls in September as the fall equinox falls on September 22. However, some years the breathtaking sight can occur as late as October, when that moon is closer to the equinox. In these years, September’s full moon is called the “corn moon.”