Hawk Emerges From the Trees, Attacks Drone Mid-Flight: VIDEO

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Taking a drone out for a flight should be something fun to do, but this operator would find a hawk in the area that didn’t like it. As you can tell from this viral video, a hawk would come out of the trees. In its sights happens to be this drone. It would bother the hawk so much that the bird would attack it in mid-flight. It’s quite an interesting thing to see happen on a pretty sunshine-filled day.

So, it might be a good thing not to have a drone get mixed up with a hawk. What, then, are some of the qualities that make up a hawk? According to the Encyclopedia Brittanica, a larger portion of them happen to be more useful to humans. These birds do have a measure of widespread prejudice against them at this time. Hawks will attack things like poultry and even smaller birds. Yet their diets usually are made up of things like reptiles and insects. But these birds do have a unique style of pursuing prey. They are known to take on a process known as raking. It involves swiftly following an animal’s effort to escape its grasp. Yet when the bird gets its prey, the hawk will dismember the animal by pushing down with its beak.

Red-Tailed Hawk Is Quite Unique In Tennessee

One of the most unique hawks in the state of Tennessee happens to be the red-tailed hawk. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency states that thirds hawk frequently perches in trees along a roadside. Additionally, it is more likely to nest in wooded residential neighborhoods than other hawks. In Tennessee, these birds will take on the look of the most common eastern form.

This ends up looking like a bird with a pale chest and dark band across its belly. Toss in the reddish unbarred tail as well. When this hawk takes flight, its wings are long and broad. Take note of the dark bar on its wings’ leading edge. They can be found in numerous open areas that have scattered elevated perches.

Now, these types of areas include pastures, parkland, and even open woodland. If you drive around Tennessee, then you can pretty much see them on telephone poles or even in trees along numerous roadsides. What type of diet does it take? They will look for small to medium-sized mammals, birds, and snakes, with occasional insects and fresh carrion. Recently, we’ve learned about a snake coiling itself around a hawk in a battle. Hawks appear to be very tough animals who will put up a fight themselves. Still, when a snake happens to get involved, then it could be a tough situation.