Heritage Introduces Classic-Style Barkeep Revolver With Old West Flair

by Madison Miller

For those in need of a new revolver in 2021, the perfect one may have just graced the market. It looks like it just came off the set of a Western with Clint Eastwood gripping and spinning it.

Heritage Manufacturing, Inc., the known producers of the classic single-action styled revolvers, announced a new addition joining the ranks of its other revolvers.

The Barkeep is the name of the new Heritage revolver. It is pint-sized and draws inspiration from the 19th century “Storekeeper” model revolver. Heritage’s revolvers, especially this newest addition, invoke an old Western-style to its design.

The wooden grip and the engraved “H” logo give the gun a sense of personal touch. The frame itself is either black oxide or case-hardened. It has a .22 LR 6-shot rimfire cylinder and a two-inch barrel. It comes in the wooden handle style of the grey pearl grip handle.

The Barkeep is easily loaded and a quickly concealable revolver. It is light and easily portable.

Right now the Barkeep is $180.30 for the version with the custom wood scroll grip. It is $189.39 for the gray pearl grip.

Heritage is currently having a giveaway as well. Two winners will get the lucky draw and receive a new Barkeep.

Some other guns they have available are the Bird Head Rough Rider, the Rough Rider Rancher carbine, the 16″ Rough Rider, and the Rough Rider big-bore revolvers.

Other Great Revolver Option

When it comes to buying revolvers, there is a constant revolving door of products available.

One of the most popular is the Colt revolver. One old-school one is the 1860 Army. This revolver is one of the most aesthetically pleasing in design. It was the first revolver that was a practical weight. Now, reproduction can be found and it is a great addition to a revolver collection. Others include the Colt Python or Colt Single Action Army.

When it comes to modern-day popularity, the Smith & Wesson brand is a common one to see. The J-Frame model is a compact, reliable, and accurate revolver.

Lastly, another common option is the Ruger Blackhawk. It is stronger and good for stout magnum loads. It is reasonably priced, easily tuned, and customizable.

H/T: Shooting Times, Hunting Life