Hiker Stumbles Upon Strange, ‘Abandoned’ Campsite, Looks Like the Start of a Horror Movie

by Lauren Boisvert

A hiker in Montana recently stumbled upon a scene that looks like something out of a horror film. In a now-viral Tiktok, Ron Ulrich was hiking in grizzly country in Montana, filming himself talking about his new job, when he paused suddenly. He showed viewers what he’d just come across, and the sight is somewhat jarring. A totally abandoned campsite about 2.5 miles from the trailhead, according to Ulrich’s captions.

A little ways off the trail, Ulrich filmed the mass of sleeping bags and tent. Things look like the campers abandoned the site quickly, as even a backpack sits among the debris. The items also look rifled through or at least disrupted. “Tent, sleeping bags, abandoned for weeks? Where are the people?” read the text overlay on the video. “Calling the authorities today.”

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There were many speculations in the comments, with some TikTok users mentioning that there doesn’t seem to be any blood at the site. It’s possible some campers just left their gear and then a bear stumbled upon the site and rifled through it. There doesn’t seem to be any sign of a struggle either. It’s possible that the campers saw a grizzly bear and then left their campsite to get to safety. The sleeping bags are on top of the flattened tent, so it definitely seems like a large animal dug through their stuff.

Other commenters commended Ulrich for being concerned for the campers’ safety and notifying the authorities of a possible bear attack. One commenter noted that the woods are eerily quiet in Ulrich’s video. That seems to lend to the creepy quality of the campsite. I would have turned around and hiked right back out of there if it were me.

Yellowstone National Park Hiker Perfectly Deescalates Grizzly Bear Encounter

Stan Mills was hiking off-trail in Yellowstone National Park when a grizzly bear approached him. Mills was taking a rest from his hike when he spotted the bear only a handful of yards away. He posted the experience on his YouTube channel after the fact.

“I was sitting in the rain under my poncho just kinda gazing off into the distance while resting under a tree when I took a look to my left. I immediately saw a grizzly walking toward me,” Mills wrote in the caption of his video. “I was not very visible to the bear because I was under my poncho, but the grizzly finally spotted me from the movement I was making while going after my bear spay and then my camera.”

The bear appears about 7 and a half minutes into the video, about 35 yards away. “I’m just going to not move or anything,” said Mills in the video. He sits stock still, and the bear eventually wanders away. Mills shared in the video that he doesn’t get nervous around bears because he’s had many encounters while on his many hikes.

“I am not looking to get close to bears, I never approach closer to a bear once I spot,” he said. “It just happens because I spend a lot of time hiking in grizzly areas.”