Horses Reportedly Don’t Love Specific Humans, New Studies Show

by Kayla Zadel

Horses are intuitive animals, but new research could prove what we’ve been thinking all along, is wrong.

Horses are majestic animals. It’s easy to become enamored with something as large, yet gentle. But a new study shows that these animals might not be as fond of us, as we are of them.

According to Fox News, researchers from Sweden’s Linkoping University show horses might seem to relax when they’re around humans. But they might not necessarily have that so-called “bond” with these people.

The research continues explaining that in general, that when separating these animals from humans, they show an increase in heart rate. It appears that the equine species view people as safe and our presence is found calming However, the presence of a specific person doesn’t seem to affect a change in attitude. The researchers concluded that these large-breed animals don’t seem to care if a specific human is around them.

The veterinary researchers put a select group of animals in different situations for testing. These tests ranged from leaving them alone in an unfamiliar pen. Then assessing how the animals reacted when different humans were approaching the pen.

Study Compares Horses’ Emotion to That of Dogs

The study also compared the horses’ reactions to those of dogs when they’re around certain people. Dogs show an increase in emotion when around specific humans, especially playfulness with their owners. This suggests a connection with specific people.

“In addition, dogs repeatedly reveal behaviors such as increased play and exploratory behavior together with their owner,” the researchers wrote. “To our knowledge, this has not been documented in horses.”

Us as people rely on horses for many different reasons ranging from work to sport and even emotional support. Even though this research conducts many different experiments, it’s still hard to conclude if a horse might have a certain bond with a specific person. However, if this research is accurate, horses might not have an alliance with one specific individual.