Huge Bear Breaks Into Family’s Kitchen, Returns Two Days in a Row: VIDEO

by Shelby Scott

If you’re looking for a Goldilocks and the Three Bears fairytale or even a Yogi Bear pic-a-nic basket theft, you’re going to have to look elsewhere. No, in this unexpected video, a Connecticut man came face to face with a huge black bear after it broke into his house, and then, amazingly, faced the same bear attempting to break in again the very next day. Check out the insane clip below.

“Go on, that way!” the man in the video shouts at the bear, though the large animal doesn’t appear to be the least bit perturbed by the man’s yelling. As we see in the rest of the clip, the black bear reluctantly lumbered out the front door and down the family’s front steps.

According to the TODAY Show‘s hosts, the bear didn’t take, or break, anything, though perhaps it saw something it liked during its brief visit because it attempted to enter the house again the next day.

Per the news outlet, the man that shooed the bear from his house, Bill, said he’d come inside from working outside of his home on Sunday when he found the animal in his kitchen.

Following the man’s second encounter with the bear, wildlife officials are planning to trap the animal and, likely, relocate him to keep him from becoming a nuisance.

Black Bear Caught On Camera Playing with Soccer Ball

As funny as their fuzzy ears look, black bears are actually incredibly smart. After all, the Connecticut beast in the clip above somehow managed to both enter and exit a family’s home without breaking or taking a single item. However, previously, another video shows that black bears are also talented soccer players. Well, sort of. See for yourself.

Viewers watch as the fun-loving black bear pounces on a soccer ball and picks it up in his mouth before throwing it away from him and going after it a second time. Much like a cat, the bear throws the ball and then hops behind a tree as though intending to climb it before attacking the ball once more.

The back half of the video then actually sees the bear dribbling the ball between his front paws before kicking it away from him and shooting into the nearest tree.

Someone get this guy a jersey because he can be my goalie any day.

The clip, captured over the July 4th weekend, was taken in a residential community near Lake Tahoe.

Aside from sports and hunting for snacks, black bears are also talented climbers as our happy friend above demonstrated during his game of soccer. A second video shows that even their cubs boast some major agility. A two-second clip, again taken in a Lake Tahoe home, shows a cub scaling the walls of a family’s house and hanging for dear life onto the ceiling-high window ledge. You can check that story out for yourself here.