Huge Bear Has the Time of Its Life Playing on Playground Slide: VIDEO

by Joe Rutland

Of course, you see so many different things on the Internet every single day but have you seen a bear on a playground slide? Sure, it looks a little strange. Yet here is this brown bear and he’s having quite a trip. As you will see in this video, the bear sizes up the slide. Will he make it down safely? He’s taking an interesting trip down the slide here. Instead of going down front paws first, he’s going down backward. This looks like something you almost had to be there to believe.

Thankfully, we have the involvement of a camera at a distance to help us out. This bear will take his trip and do so carefully. You don’t want to take a trip down a slide and be reckless. If you notice the ground, then there’s snow all around. While we don’t know if this was on a playground that was closed for a bit, we do know he’s the only bear around. Maybe he’s got those bear necessities that he’s trying to take care of right now. Yet here is this animal doing bear things on a slide. Like the post simply says, it’s just a bear on a slide. Nothing new here, right? Goodness. Well, take a look at him going on a journey down a slide.

Bear Ends Up Tearing Apart Car For Food Bag

We imagine that those who see a viral video like this one, then you just might be shaking your head. Like how in the world does a bear get to the slide? Is he getting some food on the way, too? Where are the people that take care of the playground? Too many questions for you to figure out right now. Again, it’s quite a viral video and one that you probably will never forget.

Maybe you’d like to know if there is more bear news to read about. We do have some other bear-related headlines for you to think about at this time. As it turns out, a hungry bear would destroy a reporter’s car. Notice that we said hungry. What in the world did that bear actually get? A bag of Chick-fil-A food. Or so he thought. Let’s try to break this down a little bit. A reporter from an Atlanta TV station named Christian Jennings happened to be visiting the lovely city of Asheville, North Carolina. This would be when he would break into her car and destroy it. See, it saw an empty bag of Chick-fil-A and opened the car door. When he got through manhandling the bag, the bear went to work on the car. That bad boy would take the car apart and leave it damaged.