Huge Bear Interrupts Marriage Proposal in Shocking Viral Video

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Friso Gentsch/picture alliance via Getty Images)

When Ricardo Morales decided to propose to the love of his life, Cecilia Canabal, he set out to create a moment they would never forget. He first went to the Chipinque Ecological Park in Cerro de Chipinque, Nuevo Leon State, Mexico, and laid out hundreds of rose petals.

Then, he set up glowing letters spelling the words “marry me,” the lush mountainside and glittering city below providing a breathtaking backdrop. It was perfect – exactly the scene he had dreamed of creating for his beloved Cecilia.

The scene was so beautiful, in fact, that it attracted an unexpected visitor from the park – a massive black bear.

As Ricardo knelt on the ground, cradling Cecilia’s hands between his own, the huge bear casually strolled through the carefully arranged rose petals. Careful not to draw the bear’s attention, the couple remained perfectly still while the bear passed, looking at the giant animal and then at each other while barely containing their nervous giggles.

Rather than run in fear, Ricardo simply resumed placing the engagement ring on the finger of his bride-to-be. “What a good story,” the cameraman recording the unbelievable video said with a laugh.

“The incident took place just after the ‘yes,’” Morales explained to Jam Press, via The New York Post. “When I was going to put the ring on her finger. That’s when we heard the waiters and gardeners tell us ‘don’t be afraid.’”

According to Ricardo Morales, he didn’t even have time to fully appreciate that his now-fiancee had accepted his proposal before they were startled by a “giant shadow” creeping up the terrace stairs.

“We told each other ‘don’t move,’” Morales recalled. “[That’s] why we’re static in the video when the bear passed. It then climbed over a wall and went into a garden.”

Social Media Users Stunned by Bear’s Rude Interruption

Thanks to the giant black bear (and the heartfelt preparation by Ricardo Morales), Cecilia Canabal will always remember the night she got engaged. And the internet will never forget the shocking incident either.

“[The video] shows that it was planned. The boyfriend hired the bear, it was part of the surprise,” one user joked. “Excuse me, I’m just going for a snack,” laughed another.

Some thought the bear’s proposal crashing was a good sign for the couple. “Epic! There will be no better proposals in Chipinque than this!” one user wrote. “How many can say their proposal included a bear,” another said. “If they’re not going to propose with a bear, I don’t want it,” added a third.

Others, however, believe the close call with the black bear doesn’t bode well for the couple’s future marriage. “That’s a sign that they shouldn’t get married,” one user mused. “God wants to tell you something, Bro!” another joked.