Huge Bear Touches Archer’s Arrow With Its Nose in Heart-Pounding Video

by Lauren Boisvert

In a heart-stopping video, a hunter was approached by a cinnamon black bear in Saskatchewan in 2017. That hunter lived to tell the tale today. The video, shared by Clay Newcomb on TikTok, shows the big bear approaching Newcomb, who was hunting at the time, and his friend filming right behind him. He was hunting with a recurve bow with an arrow nocked, when the bear came right up to him, popping up over a tree branch to see what was going on.

@clay_newcomb This bear touched the end of my arrow with his nose. #beargrease #saskatchewan #bearattack #bear ♬ original sound – Clay Newcomb

According to Newcomb, the bear touched the end of his arrow with its nose, then moved on. In the video, it just seems curious, glancing at Newcomb and his hunting buddy but not giving them much thought. Newcomb tracked the bear with his arrow just in case. Though, I doubt one arrow would have taken down that huge animal. The video ends before we get to see what happened, but Newcomb and his friend thankfully didn’t get attacked. Newcomb then turns the camera on himself to share a few details about the experience.

“That was 2017 in Saskatchewan,” he shares. “My buddy […] was filming right behind me. That was a wild hunt, that bear touched the end of my arrow with its nose.” Newcomb then turns the camera on his dog, Jedi, to see what he thinks. Jedi looks uninterested, lounging on a bear skin rug. Not that bear, though.

Hungry Bear from Viral TikTok Euthanized in Canada

In other, more unfortunate outdoor news, a TikTok-viral black bear was euthanized in Canada after it broke into a Vancouver man’s home and ate a frozen burrito. The video of the encounter went viral last Thursday. The man behind the video didn’t see anything inherently wrong with the animal’s behavior. However, British Columbia wildlife officials disagreed.

The B.C. Conservation Officer Service put out a statement on Friday. “Yesterday, conservation officers responded to…a report [of a bear break-in] and immediately responded to keep the public safe,” the statement read. “When they arrived, the bear had just left a house and was seen pushing on a door into a neighboring home. The bear was put down.”

According to officials, there were efforts to divert the animal from populated areas and other preventative measures before euthanasia was considered. Unfortunately, those measures did not work. “Unfortunately,” the statement continued, “the sad reality is that when people do not take precautions to properly secure attractants, it often leads to bears being put down in order to keep people safe.”