Huge Bear Wakes From Hibernation Under Cabin Crawl Space: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/ mlorenzphotography)

The weather is getting cooler all over the country as autumn temps set in. And, as we all know this means that wild animals in the colder areas are preparing for the winter months. Including tired bears looking for the right place in which to settle down for a bear nap this hibernation season.

However, sometimes the areas that may seem ideal for the bears are anything but ideal for humans who are living in the same area. Sometimes bears see crawl spaces under homes and wilderness cabins as the perfect “cave” for a winter nap. And it’s exactly this that happened in one home recently. A wild social media post depicts a bear waking up from hibernation in a crawl space beneath a cabin.

How Do You Get A Bear In Hibernation To Move From Under A House? You Sneak Up Behind It And Give It A Scare!

According to a recent Facebook post from the BEAR League, it’s not necessarily an uncommon phenomenon for a sleepy bear to settle underneath a house. Or, they have been known to try to do this, anyway. And the experts from the BEAR League say they have a technique to move a slumbering bear who has found its way under a house in the wilderness. This technique? Crawling in behind the animal and giving the sleeping bear a big enough scare to scoot it out of the way!

“Do Bears Hibernate under Houses?” the BEAR League Facebook post inquires.

“YES, they sure do!” the post continues. “Or they try to, anyway.”

In order to highlight this fact, the BEAR League shares a wild video of a huge hibernating black bear who was just roused from sleep. The clip shows the animal crawling out from underneath a cabin. Sauntering back into the wilderness to find another spot to take a long winter snooze.

“Each and Every winter the BEAR League ‘encourages’ a minimum of 100 bears to scoot out from under someone’s house or cabin in the Tahoe/Truckee area,” the social media message continues regarding hibernating bears. “We crawl in behind them and scare them from their slumber…. not very nice of us, we admit.”

Hibernating Bears Can Cause Major Damage To Homes, Plus Their Presence Can Be Intimidating!

According to the Facebook post, hibernating bears can cause “a tremendous amount of damage to the plumbing, heating, and gas lines.”

Plus, the post quips, the hibernating bears can “snore real loud.”

Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to feel uncomfortable with a gigantic hibernating bear sleeping literally under their floorboards.

“This video is just one of the countless sleepy bears we’ve had to be mean to,” the Facebook post continues.

“If all residents would please secure their crawl space openings BEFORE the bears go in, we could let sleeping bears lie,” the comment adds. “[Because] they wouldn’t be under our homes.”

The message continues that keeping an eye out for instances such as this one is important. Plus, it will be “so nice” for all involved. The people and the bears. And, the BEAR League quips, these hibernating bears would quit calling them the “Mean old BEAR League People.”