Huge Hawk Dives Into Trash Can, Flies Away With Huge Rat in New York City: VIDEO

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

When a hawk has a winning day in New York City, and it’s caught on a viral video, then we have to talk about it a bit. See, this hawk takes a dive into a trash can. This is not any ordinary trash can, though. It’s one from the Big Apple. Guess who finds their way in them sometimes? None other than rats. We get a chance to see this hawk come up victorious. How so?

The animal takes a flying leap into the can. It comes back up to the top with a rat in a claw. It’s simply amazing to see this happen. Sure, they say things are bigger in Texas. But this rat looks bigger than one that might be in Texas. This is a New York City rat right here. It’s definitely going to be worth watching this video. Take a minute or so and gander at the hawk getting some sweet dinner.

Hawk Is In Total Control Of Rat In Video

As the video opens up, we can see the hawk looking downward. He takes a sharp dive down and disappears for a little bit. But have no fear, we see him reappear with a rat in his claw. Oh, it appears that he also picked up a napkin along the way. Maybe he was thinking about having some good manners. You know, picking up one to wipe off his beak after that snack. So, the bird finds a place to perch on the edge.

It’s like he sees the person filming his escapade and wants to give them time to get a good shot. After about 30 seconds of posing, the hawk leaps to a higher perch. Don’t fret though. The bird still has that dirty rat in his claw. The video would soon end and this is our last shot at seeing the bird and rat together. It appears to be a little windy on this day in New York City. Maybe the bird would catch a bit of wind and sail off with his catch firmly in his claw.

It’s not every day that you will see something like this in your life. Being able to catch something like that on video is a one-of-a-kind event. When are you going to see a hawk catch a rat in its claws? And especially from the bottom of a New York City trash can? We probably will never see this again in our lives. That’s what makes this viral video so special. The hawk was in total control all the way through his capture. It would have been really cool to see what happened after the video ended.