Huge Moose Attempts to Get Into Hunter’s Blind in Heart-pounding Video

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

One curious – and enormous – cow moose gave one North Dakota hunter one heck of a story recently. This happened when the curious moose decided to step in and investigate the hunter’s blind. It was a moment, the hunter recounts, that was frightening and exciting all at once.

Curious Cow Moose Sticks Its Nose Into North Dakota Hunter’s Blind in Hilarious Video

When Breann Zietz set out recently in Noth Dakota to bow hunt whitetail deer, she had no idea who was about to join her. The experienced hunter remembers how she was feeling frustrated with little action from the deer. However, things would soon change as a visitor would be peaking into the hunting blind. Giving Zietz an experience she won’t soon forget.

“I went bow hunting last week for my white-tailed deer in North Dakota,” Zietz recounts in a recent Facebook post detailing the unusual encounter.

“Sitting in the new Ameristep Quality Hunting purchased at Scheels,” the hunter adds, noting that the deer she was waiting for “did not come in.”

“Still, I had a [once-in-a-lifetime] experience,” Zietz comments on the post featuring the video of the curious cow moose who decided to thoroughly investigate her camouflage hunting blind. According to Zietz, it was likely the nose-jammer field spray she was using that led to the moose’s invasive curiosity.

The North Dakota Hunter Recounts The Unforgettable Moment

Zietz remembers how the cow moose popped into her hunting blind, curious about what was waiting inside. It was a heart-pounding moment, for sure the North Dakota hunter recounts. But not one she will soon forget.

“I will let the video speak for itself,” the hunter says of the rare encounter.

“[But] I will add that I was scared to death,” she continues.

“[Heart} pounding, shaking, but excited,” Zietz relates. “I didn’t know what to do, so I stayed still as if I wasn’t there. I’ll never forget this moment.”

There’s A Lot More To This Encounter Than Even The Shocking Video Shows!

In her Facebook post, Zietz relates how, in the very last second of the video, the cow moose trips over the blind’s ropes. This sudden movement scared the hunter enough that she jumped out of her seat. And, in this move, she accidentally stopped the cell phone video.

“It shook the blind so much that I jumped out of my seat to my knees and accidentally stopped the video,” she continues.

“The next sound I heard was the moose scared and running away,” the post continues.

“I mean after all, it’s only a near [thousand-pound animal],” Zietz quips.