Huge Seal Named ‘Rocky’ Violently Attacks Woman Who Swam Too Close to Her Pup

by Jonathan Howard

Sometimes, we get a little too close to the great outdoors. One woman encroached on a seal in Hawaii and learned the hard way. When you get in the way of a momma and her baby, mammals can act erratically. The best thing to do is to avoid interactions like that at all costs, but sometimes it can’t be prevented. In case you’re in Hawaii, keep your eyes out for Rocky, she might just give you a wallop or two.

This was not a simple hit-and-shove, either. This seal was going all out and was trying to hurt this woman it perceived as a threat. There were multiple witnesses to the attack and from their accounts, it was not a fun moment to watch.

“It was a brutal attack,” one bystander said to KITV, via NY Post. “It was rough to watch. At one point, Rocky’s mouth got a hold of her head, and she was trying to splash and get away.”

In the videos captured by those on the beach, the California woman is seen swimming in the water. Her head pops up near the seal pup and that’s when Rocky dives in and starts to take her 12 rounds she’ll never forget. Even though the woman tried to swim away to the shore, the seal had her locked in and was doing what she was born to do.

After it was said and done, the woman had multiple lacerations on her face, back, and arms. A person in a canoe came by and helped the woman get to shore.

It was just two weeks ago when Rocky gave birth to her new seal pup. So, you know that she was going to be on high alert and ready to strike anything she saw as a problem.

Officials Wish Swimmer Well After Seal Attack

Shortly after the woman was able to make it to shore, she was taken to a hospital. Her wounds were significant. The monk seal can grow up to 400+ pounds and 7-7.5 feet in length. These are massive animals and they can do a lot of damage to people that are much smaller than them.

NOAA and Hawaii Marine Animal Response have put up warnings about monk seals in the ara. It’s something that swimmers need to be aware of at all times.

“We wish the swimmer a speedy recovery, and we also urge people to follow guidance from safety and wildlife officials,” NOAA Fisheries said in a statement. Warnings from the NOAA say to stay at least 150 feet away from seals with pups. It’s just not something you want to deal with.

It’s best to just leave all wildlife alone, and if you see babies nearby, just do your best to be calm and avoid confrontation with the animal. If you can’t do that, do your best to keep yourself safe.