Hungry Bear Destroys Reporter’s Car for a Bag of Chick-fil-A

by Sean Griffin

A Channel 2 reporter from Atlanta named Christian Jennings was visiting Asheville, North Carolina over the weekend when a bear broke in and destroyed the car. Apparently, once the bear saw an empty bag of Chick-fil-A, it opened the door and devoured the bag, destroying much of the car in the process.

A local Atlanta news segment shows pictures of the incredible damage the bear does to the reporter’s car.

According to the segment, her car was “totaled.” The pictures in the news report certainly suggest that the bear will cost Jennings thousands of dollars in repairs. Huge claw marks line the dashboard, and chunks of seat cushion are missing. The inside of the driver’s door is completely ruined.

“Is that covered by insurance?” one reporter asked.

Apparently, the young reporter had gotten the car detailed before the trip. Now, after the bear destroyed the car, she’s driving around in a rental.

The newscasters wished Jennings a safe return home, and told her they’re thinking of her: “Christian, we love you, it’s going to be okay.”

“Oh my goodness, my dear, dear friend,” one of the newscasters remarked. “If you’re going outdoors today, taking your own chances with Mother Nature, at least the weather will be cooperating with you.”

A Mother Bear and Attacking Male Die After Falling Off Cliff

In this viral video, a Mama bear defends her cubs from an attacking male.

The male bear approaches from a distance once it spots the mother and her cubs. According to the video, male bears will often times kill a mother’s cubs during mating season. The male does this to induce the mother to reproduce.

However, the big male received all he could ask for and then some with the female. She dutifully protected her cubs by taking on the male in a fight. The cubs sit behind the mother as she collides with the male. After a few moments of wrestling, both the male and the female bear take a tumble over the cliff.

The male died after the injuries he sustained during the fall. The mother survived but was dealing with several injuries sustained during the fall.

Tragically, reports indicate that the mother passed away in a cave along with the two cubs, according to local outlets.

One commenter reported the news to viewers of the video. “The female bear and her two cubs have been found dead in the cave they went to shortly after this video. It is believed one of the cubs was already in the cave deceased from a fall before this video ever took place.”

Unfortunately, both animals and the cubs would eventually die from this encounter.