Hungry Bear Raids Campsites for Food in Trail Cam Footage

by Will Shepard

Public places in bear territory can be interesting, to say the least. Camping, in particular, is one of those times where hungry bears can get extra curious about your human scents.

Sharing a space with bears is part of the camping experience. Some people certainly enjoy seeing bears near them, whereas others do not like it at all.

But, a hungry bear is not always a blessing around campsites. Because they are so intelligent, they can be incredibly dangerous around your campsite. Bears also have incredible noses and can find any food that isn’t locked down tightly. They also will eat just about anything. In particular, bears love garbage, anything with food residue on it, and bird feeders.

A Hungry Bear Will Eat Just About Anything

On a trail camera in Wisconsin, a hungry bear was caught raiding a couple of bird feeders. The omnivore was attacking the feeders later in the evening. Jerry Morris caught the animal on the camera and talks about the incident.

“I heard something when we were at our campsite and looked out to see this bear tearing up a couple of bird feeders. After I flipped on a light, he casually walked away. Turns out he just went to three more campsites and tore up anything that smelled like it was edible.”

Again, bears will eat anything that smells good to them. In northern states, bears should all be hibernating right now. But sometimes, there will be the odd, hungry bear still on the prowl for food in the middle of winter.

Some ways to mitigate bears attacking your bird feeder is to only put out the feeders during the day time. But, sometimes bears will be bold and come at any time.

Be cautious when you camp. Make sure to clean everything that has any food residue on it well, otherwise, you can expect a hungry visitor. And, above all, if you encounter a bear, make sure to give it space. But, if it is approaching you, make yourself as large as possible and be loud.

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