Hunter Stays Insanely Calm as Black Bear Climbs Hunting Stand in Wild Video

by Samantha Whidden

Following and prior to hibernation season, black bear and human interactions are becoming more frequent. Sometimes the interactions can turn absolutely deadly while other times, they can end up being more intense.

In a video on TikTok that was posted last spring, a hunter is seen staying insanely calm as a black bear climbs a hunting stand. The hunter, who is wearing pink nail polish, is seen encouraging the animal to climb back down the ladder. “Get down, mister,” the hunter calmly tells the bear, as it is seen gnawing on the ladder. “That’s right, oh, you’re going to fall,” the hunter tells the black bear. “Its legs are swinging. Oh, my God, you are funny. Look at his mouth. Oh, you are going to get so stuck in there. Your a– is too big.” 

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Despite the hunter’s pleas for it to get down, the black bear continues to climb up the ladder. The hunter begins to tap on the animal’s head in order to get it to go back down to the ground. In a second video, the bear is just continuing to stare at the hunter as it climbs. Ultimately, it begins to go down the ladder as the hunter calls the creature “Good Boy.” 

Colorado Wildlife Experts Encourage Less Black Bear-Human Interaction Before Hibernation Season

With hibernation season usually starting in November, more black bear and human interactions are common. As previously reported, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife states that bears are now entering hyperphagia. The animal will be spending upward to 20 hours per day trying to eat more than 20,000 calories. This is in order to fatten themselves up before winter hits. 

The order to avoid conflict between black bears and people, the wildlife organization stated that easily accessible human food is a key issue. “When bears become too comfortable around humans, they can destroy property or even become aggressive toward humans,” the organization shared. 

One black bear and human interaction that recently occurred was when a bear made its way to the campus of Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. Luckily, there were no attacks and the bear was quickly removed and placed back into its habitat. However, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife issued a warning about the interactions.

“As bears start to prepare for hibernation and hunt for food, Coloradans may see more bear activity in urban areas,” CPW Assistant Area Wildlife Manager Brandon Muller shared. “When bears become too comfortable around humans, they can destroy property or even become a threat to human safety.

The organization went on to add that in order to avoid the interactions, humans must keep food away and secured.