Hurricane Ian: Florida Man Rode Out Storm in Bed of Pickup Truck, Rescued a Neighbor in the Process

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

There have been many stories about rescues taking place during Hurricane Ian but this one might just be another one for the books. In the video, we hear a man tell his story about riding out the storm in the bed of a pickup truck. But that’s not everything here. The man also tells us about rescuing another Florida resident in the process. There is something quite noble about him rescuing another Floridian during this Hurricane Ian mess. We know that hurricanes are very serious storms. They should never be taken lightly. Let’s hear the man tell us his tale here in this two-plus-minute video. We also see clips of the storm pouring out its wrath.

Residents in Florida are busy working on their cleanup efforts around the Sunshine State. Hurricane Ian would come across Florida’s Gulf Coast and head diagonally across the state. The storm would go back out into the Atlantic Ocean, where Hurricane Ian would regain some strength into a Category 1 hurricane. After it did, then the storm took its wrathful winds and rain into the Carolinas. On Wednesday, President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden visited Florida. They spoke publicly about what they had seen and were joined by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his wife.

Hurricane Ian Brings Mass Destruction To Florida

This man deserves a lot of credit for his work in Hurricane Ian. He helped that person out in need. When a storm hits states, there have been plenty of other stories about amazing rescues going down. People will come over from other states just to help out their fellow citizens.

But the people like this man are the ones that give others hope. When things happen like a storm or other natural disaster, there’s something that will bring people together. Hurricane Ian did leave a lot of destruction in its wake and people are still digging out. Infrastructure issues are just mounting up in Florida. But many first responders are on the job right now. Citizens still find themselves in need of clean water to drink. Food also is a problem down there, too. Organizations are seeking contributions to help relief efforts. Yes, Hurricane Ian has left but the citizens are still going to be cleaning up for quite a bit.