Hurricane Ian: Florida Residents Swim Inside Storm Surge-Flooded House

by Amy Myers
Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

Amid the footage of wind-blown palm trees and decimated neighborhoods, a video has surfaced that shows a much different side of the Hurricane Ian experience. Inside a flooded home, a man decided to swim a few laps across the floor just for fun.

We understand having to swim when you have no other options in an emergency, but willingly taking a dip in a half-submerged house? That’s a bit extreme.

In the video, the man, with a cheeky grin on his face, simply stated that it was “a good day for a swim” as he breaststroked across the length of the home. At the very end of the clip, we can see a glimpse of a staircase, meaning that there was, indeed, a dry place of refuge in the house.

The act, though admittedly comical, did spark some concern, especially from Hurricane Specialist Zach Covey, who posted the clip on Twitter as a warning to other Florida residents that decided to brave Hurricane Ian and shelter in place. Covey cautioned that swimming in the water can subject you to unknown chemicals or other components that could be harmful to ingest or come in contact with. Not to mention, there’s likely a lot of debris and sludge floating in the water with you. And there could be a chance that wires became exposed during the wreckage, turning your delightful swimming pool into a glorified deep fryer.

It’s a little too late for this guy to re-think his choices, but hopefully, it will persuade others not to follow suit.

Take a look.

Fellow Florida Residents Attempt Daring Stunts During Hurricane Ian’s Destruction

For some Floridians, Hurricane Ian just doesn’t seem that scary compared to other catastrophic storms like Category-5 Hurricane Michael, which hit just four years ago, caused over $25.5 billion in damage and killed at least 74 people. Incidentally, these folks have fostered a tried-and-true attitude that can stand up to Ian’s 155-mile-per-hour winds… which is why even more folks are willing to try out some risky moves despite the harrowing conditions the state is facing.

Take, for example, this gentleman, who instead of swimming in his home decided to take his jetski out on the open water – which, really is now most of the west coast, thanks to Hurricane Ian.

In Sarasota, a resident caught sight of the man tearing across what used to be the beach as winds and rains of Hurricane Ian raged on.

Similar to the Naples-native swimmer, it doesn’t appear that there’s any other reason for the activity other than pure pleasure. Obviously, this is an incredibly dangerous and insane idea, but not many can look a Category-4 storm in the face and steer straight into the water.