Hurricane Ian Victim Goes Viral After Floating on Inflatable Pool in Her Flooded Home

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Gerardo Mora / Stringer

From devastating power outages to battered buildings, Hurricane Ian’s unprecedented destruction has captured the attention of everyone in the last 48 hours. Now, a woman has gone viral after she turned an inflatable pool into a life raft.  

Troubling footage has recently emerged, showing a helpless woman floating in an inflatable pool after Hurricane Ian flooded her home. The storm strengthened to a Category 1 storm on Thursday evening.


Send prayers

♬ original sound – Beth 🌞🎣🏖🌴✌

Now, a clip of her improvised flotation device has gone viral, amassing over 40 million views and 5 million likes on TikTok as viewers watched in horror. 

The intense clip, captioned “Send Help,” shows the victim tangled in the blue blow-up pool as it floats about with her furniture in the living room. Her home is filled with water up to the window level, like something out of Titanic. Viewers can also see powerful winds thrashing the trees around her house. 

At one point in the video, the woman, whose location is unclear, can be heard asking, “if you’ve ever floated in a floaty pool in your own living room with your refrigerator …. at your door.”

Her frightening entanglement later prompted an onslaught of concerned responses from online users. “Omg!!!! Please stay safe,” pleaded one viewer, while another added, “Please let us know that you’re okay.”

“Stay safe. This could compromise the structure of your house, please be careful!!!” another person warned.

As of now, her status remains unknown. However, she later posted a follow-up video, taken from what looks like a completely dark area. In the video, she pleads for the public’s help.


NEED HELP, VERY COLD, wet and Dark!

♬ original sound – Beth 🌞🎣🏖🌴✌

 “If you could see me now, I’m alive, still floating in water. Someone needs to come help me,” she begs in the clip.

Hurricane Ian’s death toll expected to rise as recovery efforts begin

The upsetting video comes as Hurricane Ian hurls toward South Carolina, where it’s set to hit Friday, before pummeling into North Carolina on Saturday.

The former Category 4 storm devastated Florida’s gulf coast this past week, ripping the area apart with 150 mph winds and 12-foot swells that flooded parts of the state and left over two million residents without power.

As for the state’s grim death toll, at least four people died on Wednesday, according to the AP. Then, officials reported that at least two people were deceased on Sanibel, an island in the southwest part of the state that experienced significant surge-related flooding during the storm.

Additionally, a person died in Lake County on Wednesday after their car hydroplaned. Authorities found another person dead in Deltona in central Florida.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said there were more than 700 confirmed rescues on Thursday evening. However, NHC officials warned Thursday night that many hurricane-related deaths occur days after the storm has passed as people recover.