Hurricane Ian: Watch Man Save Abandoned Cat From Floodwaters in Bonita Beach, Florida

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

When storms like Hurricane Ian hit land, there are some good Samaritans who will go out of their way and help out. In this video, we get to see one in action. According to the person who shared this viral video on Twitter, we see her boyfriend hard at work. He’s getting his feet wet, literally, to go save an abandoned cat. If you look closely at the cat, it’s scared. With all of the water and waves smashing against the house, it’s sure to cause some serious problems. But this guy goes out there and plods his way around behind the cat. He’s really careful to make sure that he can get the cat safely. Well, we do have good news. The man safely rescued the kitty cat from Bonita Beach, Florida. And he would safely make it back to where his girlfriend was taking a video with her cell phone.

As you can guess, there were a lot of replies upon seeing this video. One person wrote, “Thank you for doing this.” Another person said, “i’m bawling my eyes out”. Another person replied and wrote, “Me too, I always worry so much for the animals during these disasters.”

Hurricane Ian Slammed Into Florida As Category 4 Storm

Hurricane Ian brought its Category 4 winds gusting upward to 190 miles per hour into Florida on Wednesday. There have been numerous videos of damages being caused by the storm. Forecasters have the storm reportedly cutting a diagonal path across Florida. Ian then would head back out briefly into the open waters. That’s not a good thing because hurricanes can gain more strength in the warmth of the Atlantic Ocean. Well, the storm is also due to turn back toward the United States yet again. While Florida gets a major punch in the gut by Hurricane Ian, the Carolinas have to keep their eyes open for the storm.

Here’s another little storm tidbit. When hurricanes appear ready to strike the U.S. at some point, who do you think shows up all the time? Well, we have gotten pretty used to seeing Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel pop up. His coverage of these devastating weather situations is pretty much must-see TV. Well, he was definitely on the spot for Hurricane Ian coverage. But he happened to have become a part of the story. See, Jim would get hit by a tree branch. In coverage of the storm, he also had trouble standing up against 100-mile-per-hour winds.