Husky Faces Off Against Massive Bison at Grand Teton National Park: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

A recent Instagram video shares a heart-stopping moment as a husky pup thinks it’s about as big as a bison. The intense clip shows the husky as it stands facing off with the massive animal in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park.

Many of our country’s national parks are very open to allowing pets within their borders. However, there are often guidelines that go along with these privileges. Many are put into place to help protect the pets, the humans bringing the pets, and the animals who reside in the area.

According to the Grand Teton National Park’s guidelines, visitors bringing pets into the Northwestern Wyoming area may do so if the animals are leased at all times. Furthermore, pets are not permitted to be on the hiking trails. Nor are they allowed inside the park’s visiting centers and other facilities. It pretty much comes down to one general idea: pets may go where cars can go. They can be in the campgrounds or the parking lots among several other spots in the area. But this Husky went way off course.

And, it’s because of these guidelines that few are faulting this Husky pup for the risky – and potentially – deadly move. In fact, had the owners been following park guidelines this animal would have never been anywhere near the bison.

One Husky Pup Gets Way Too Close To A Wild Bison In A Heart-Pounding “Domesticated Vs. Wild” Situation

The video depicts the pup as it approaches a roaming bison in a field at the Grand Teton National Park. The buffalo appears to not even want to acknowledge the fuzzy animal at first. However, the pup is relentless in its pursuit to get the bison’s attention.

Thankfully, this bison seems to know well that this pup is way out of its league and it gives some “courtesy” advances, shooing the animal away. After all, if this massive animal wanted to pounce on the pup it would do so in an instant.

“Domesticated Vs. Wild,” notes the caption alongside the Instagram clip.

“Dog owners didn’t have their dog on a leash in GTNP while observing a wild bison herd,” the message continues. “Needless to say the huskies instinct kicked in.

The message goes on to note that the bison’s response is perfectly rational considering the situation. “The issue here is the “human was doing what humans do.”