Idiot Tourists Risk Getting Trucked by Huge Moose for a Photo at Grand Teton National Park: VIDEO

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Harry Collins via Getty Images)

The largest members of the deer family, the moose of Grand Teton National Park are around six feet tall at the shoulder and, on average, weigh more than 1,000 pounds. Males grow massive horns that can span up to six feet across and both males and females can run at speeds exceeding 35 mph.

All that to say, even though moose are herbivores, they can and will defend themselves if need be. And while you or I likely wouldn’t automatically assume an approaching stranger had ill intentions, like its relatives, moose are easily spooked. Simply approaching a moose in the wild can translate as a threat, especially during mating season.

Males fight and injure each other in the pursuit and protection of their females. A human compared to an enormous, remarkably fast moose? It’s no contest. And that’s not even considering the females, which don’t have antlers but do possess the ability to throw a bone-shattering kick to protect themselves and their young.

Most of us think twice before approaching a stray dog or cat, let alone a gargantuan wild moose. But it does happen, and often, at National Parks across the country. The latest of these unbelievable transgressions comes from Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, where a group of tourists walked right up to a mated pair of moose for a picture.

“Tourons at Grand Tetons!” the original poster wrote. “I was up the road by my vehicle and zoomed all the way in on these fools! There is a huge bull moose and female bedded down at the base of that golden tree!”

Social Media Responds to Unbelievable Grand Teton National Park Tourists

If you look closely, you can indeed see the large moose and his mate lounging beneath the tree, the tourists venturing within feet of them. Luckily for the moronic tourists, the moose continued lounging rather than charging them in defense of himself and his mate – this time.

A series of pictures that you may or may not ever look at again is not worth abandoning your personal safety. Not to mention, by venturing off the road/trail in Grand Teton National Park, or any outdoor space, for that matter, you’re putting the local flora and fauna at risk. You never know what you might be unintentionally trampling.

As always, social media users were in utter disbelief that tourists seem to constantly challenge nature and put their own lives at risk for the sake of a “better” photograph.

“Another video where they fail to get wrecked. Sigh,” one user wrote semi-jokingly. “People need to invest in telephoto lenses if they want to take pictures!! For God’s sake, leave the poor animals alone,” another said.

“There is sooo much wildlife to view just staying in your car driving,” added a third. “[This] just demonstrates how disconnected a lot of people are from the natural world, and unaware of just how vicious it is.”