Illinois Man Comes to the Rescue When Coyote Gets Container Stuck on Its Head in Viral Video

by Shelby Scott

An Illinois man has restored our faith in humanity after he selflessly came to the rescue of a distressed coyote. A viral video shows the man, accompanied by several concerned citizens, freeing the creature after its head became stuck in a container.

According to 100.9 The Eagle, the video was taken in a cornfield in Hennepin, Illinois. Hennepin is a rural area north of Peoria. Concerned bystanders reached out to the state’s Department of Natural Resources after they noticed the creature’s predicament.

Per a description from the videographer, “My sister spotted a coyote on the road with it’s head stuck in a container and she attempted to catch it, but failed. She came back home to pick me up to help her and we called the DNR (department of natural resources).” The duo then went back to the scene where the videographer’s sister originally saw the trapped animal. There, they teamed up with the DNR to safely remove the bucket.

The narrative continued, “Only after about five minutes of searching I found her laying on the path between the corn and bean field,” like the scene we saw at the beginning of the clip. Thankfully, the unnamed individual was able to grab hold of the coyote’s leg and waited for DNR officers to arrive. Once the officers showed up, it was a quick rescue. The good samaritans held on to the creature from behind while the wildlife expert removed the bucket from the animal’s head.

Per the outlet, neither the coyote nor its rescuers sustained any harm during the encounter.

California Coyote Meanders Into Resident’s Home Through Doggy Door

If you watched the full video provided in the link above, then you know the formerly trapped coyote certainly had a healthy fear of humans. Though the wildlife officer and bystanders successfully freed the animal, it was clear the wild canine was not happy about being that close to humans. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about a certain group of coyotes populating a certain region in California.

Julie Levine, a California homeowner, caught the shock of a lifetime when she found a local coyote had casually meandered into her house by way of the family’s doggy door. While speaking with a local news outlet, Levine said, “The dogs went crazy, and then I said this happened before with a rat, what else could be out there now?”

Definitely not a rat. The home invader is hardly the first to stir up trouble in Levine’s neighborhood. Following the shock encounter, she said local coyotes can be very “brazen.”

“I mean, [for the coyotes] to go inside the house like they belong there…We know they can scale fences, but we just didn’t think that they would go through the dog door itself and be in the house.”

Levine said another coyote had attacked a neighbor’s dog in another recent encounter, though their son came to its rescue, pulling the family pet from the coyote’s mouth.