Inconsiderate Tourists Drive Off Road for Photos, Get Roasted in Viral Video

by Caitlin Berard

Superblooms are a truly breathtaking sight to behold. During the rare phenomenon, millions of flowers bloom simultaneously, causing a riot of color in a typically bare stretch of land.

Like other otherworldly phenomena, such as the Aurora Borealis of the Arctic and the Eternal Flame Falls of New York, a superbloom is absolutely worth seeing in person if and when you have the opportunity to do so. It’s paramount, however, to enjoy the awe-inspiring sight the right way. Because while there’s nothing wrong with tourists, you never want to be that tourist.

Visiting a superbloom? A can’t-miss experience. Taking a few pictures of the flowers? Perfectly fine. Picking the flowers? Let’s not. Driving through the flowers? Yeah, now you’re that tourist.

And unfortunately for a pair of those tourists at a recent superbloom in California, their transgression was caught on camera. By a biologist. Who then absolutely roasted them online, along with the rest of the internet.

“This is why I don’t share locations. There’s no road there,” the exasperated biologist explained on Instagram, pointing out a pair of tourists in the distance who unashamedly parked their car in the middle of the poppy field. “The road is here… And this person just drove there and is flying their annoying ass drone.”

Annoyed Biologist Explains Why Tourists’ Actions Were Wrong

In the caption of the post, the biologist elaborated further, explaining exactly why intentionally destroying flowers is probably the worst way to enjoy a superbloom. “I hate the ‘superbloom,'” she wrote. “Or, I hate the circus that surrounds it. Every year it’s the same headache, watching people destroy California flora for their corny ass pictures.”

“I typically stay away from the popular spots because of this BS but decided to stop anyway,” she continued. “As you can see, I regretted that decision instantly.”

The biologist goes on to explain that California is actually an incredibly important element in the world’s flora populations. “Did you know that a big chunk of California is considered to be a world biodiversity hotspot?” she explained. “The California Floristic Province has about 3,500 species of plants, [around] 61% of which don’t grow anywhere else in the world.”

Sadly, however, the natural landscape of California is dwindling, helped along by ignorant tourists like those in the video. “Because of land development, farming/ranching, mining, solar farms, and whatever else colonization brought, only 25% of the beautiful California landscape remains,” she said. “So why destroy what little we have left?!”

Those who witnessed the tourists’ shocking actions flooded the comments to express their annoyance. “Incredibly disrespectful. *gestures wildly* This is why we can’t have nice things,” one user wrote. “Ridiculous!! Can’t we just enjoy an experience without breaking rules to document it ‘for the gram’??” another said.