Incredible Yellowstone National Park Footage Shows Black Bear Cornering Elk Into Shocked Tourists

by Lauren Boisvert

Throwback…Tuesday? So, we’re a couple days early for Throwback Thursday, but check out this thrilling video from 2018 that features a black bear chasing a herd of elk nearly into a group of tourists on the boardwalk in Yellowstone National Park. About a minute long, the video shows a beautiful vista of Yellowstone, with steaming lakes and a smattering of conifer trees.

In the distance, there comes a herd of elk tearing across the plains. One of them goes up on the boardwalk in the right corner of the video. The rest mull around the trees for a bit, until there’s another commotion and they go running off. Then, you see it; the black bear. The elk scatter up near the boardwalk where it makes a corner, and the bear lopes off after them. The elk try to make a quick escape, but the bear corners them again, right up against the park visitors with their cameras out.

The bear then turns and crosses the boardwalk, and for a moment you think it’s going to walk along the boardwalk and approach the tourists. But, it only crosses and chases the elk away into the mountains. You can see a little bit of movement on the other side of the boardwalk, most likely the elk running away.

Overall, it’s a heart-pounding video, because you just don’t know what these animals are going to do in Yellowstone National Park. The tourists were in the middle of a bear’s hunting grounds, and were able to witness the animal at work. But, still, it’s nerve-wracking to watch not knowing where that bear is going to go. Thankfully, animals and humans did not mingle on this day.

Yellowstone National Park Sees Uptick in Bison Gorings

Not every day ends in Yellowstone with safe animal encounters, though. In the park, there’s been an uptick in bison gorings within the past few months. Recently, a group of tourists actually walked right into a bison herd. Just because they’re big and slow and look like fluffy cows, doesn’t mean they’re harmless.

Yellowstone National Park IT specialist Richard Midgette said the recent incident involved “A whole group of children and parents/guardians ignoring wildlife distancing.” He posted on the Yellowstone National Park: Invasion of the Idiots Facebook group after he spotted the incident while driving through the park. “No bison were harmed, but many many brain cells were.” In his video, he said, in disbelief, “People don’t understand these are wild frickin’ animals.”

Though, Midgette isn’t bashing these people outright for not paying attention. In his video, it’s clear that he’s deeply concerned for their safety. This season, on record, three people have already been gored by bison. There are possibly many more that aren’t filmed or reported. There are rules that come with visiting National Parks, and it’s best to get real familiar with them before you even think about planning a trip.