Insane Drone Footage Shows Huge Whale Breaching Off Jones Beach in New York: VIDEO

by Jonathan Howard

One of the coolest things you can see in the outdoors is a whale breaching the water. Like this whale at Jones Beach in New York. A drone was in the right place at the right time. Just as the whale was making its way to the surface of the water, the drone focuses in and gets a great view of the animal breaching the surface.

Beachgoers must have been more than excited to see the whale make its move. While it is hard to tell, I’m sure that the large animal made out with a mouth full of krill and other good little things that float in the water.

Jones Beach Whale

Seeing videos like this reminds us that we might be running things up here on land, but there are monsters lurking just underneath the water. And the ocean contains depths that we have not seen.

Watch as this whale makes its great jump from the water.

Whales have fascinated humans for centuries and Jones Beach has seen its fair share of these great beasts. These animals have inspired stories of sea monsters, fueled lights, and filled the pockets and bellies of many people. While that is true of the past, today these animals are to be protected and looked after. They provide so much to the ecosystem and still inspire passions and people to this day.

Sometimes, whales can even earn a reputation. In rarer instances, they can get themselves a nickname. Humans have a funny relationship with these deep-sea mammals. That means when some of them die, there can be a big response from local communities. That was the case in California recently.

Beloved Whale ‘Fran’ Killed By Ship Collision Off California Coast

A humpback whale that frequented the coast of California, was recently in the news. The animal, named Fran, by those who know her best, was raising a calf at the time of her death. Earlier this week, the animal washed up in Half Moon Bay. That was on Monday. Now, after a necropsy, there has been some information revealed about her death.

Researchers at the Marine Mammal Center and the California Academy of Sciences performed the necropsy on Fran. The injuries that she suffered lined up with the theory she was hit by a ship. This can happen from time to time when a large boat and a whale meet in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Fran had a dislocated skull and a fractured vertebra. There is no plan for what will happen with her female calf that was left behind. She earned her name from whale watcher Ferd Bergholz. Bergholz was saddened by the death of the animal that he came to know so well.