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Insane Florida Trail Cam Photo Shows Moment Massive Alligator Attacks Raccoon

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission a trail cam photos of an alligator attacking a raccoon. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources posted their own photo of a raccoon and a gator, although it’s a little more innocent.

The two trail cam photos tell different stories, and we’re not sure how either ended. In the first photo, we see an alligator pouncing into action and launching for a raccoon. The raccoon scurries away, but it’s hard to imagine the gator didn’t catch up to the raccoon. In the second photo, a raccoon stands with its back to the camera in an upright position, facing a creek. In the water lurks an alligator, its two eyes shining brightly through the night, almost as if to send a warning.

Both photos went viral, and for good reason: both photos are pretty hilarious. “Meanwhile, in Florida,” the commission captions their post.

“They know not to mess with Florida gators,” one commenter wrote in response to the tweet.

Alligators are active when temperatures are between 82 degrees and 92 degrees. They’re more common in summer months, but always be wary when in their habitat. According to the time stamps on both of these snapshots, these events occurred in the summertime.

In the first photo, we have to assume the raccoon didn’t see the alligator, because we wouldn’t think it would knowingly walk up that close to the predator. However, in the second photo, you can tell that the raccoon senses that it’s in danger. The hair on its back seems to stand up, and it peers off observantly in the direction of the gator.

Alligator Attack at Hilton Head Plantation Results in Lawsuit

Recently, a woman decided to file a lawsuit against Hilton Head Plantation after a serious alligator attack in September 2021. The woman also lists the neighboring community called The Rookery in the lawsuit.

Elsie Kyle was the victim in a brutal attack on September 2, 2021, as she was walking her dog near a lagoon behind her house. The alligator, “approximately eight [feet]” grabbed Kyle and her pet.

“Ms. Kyle struggled with the alligator. And [she] was eventually dragged into the lagoon, where the alligator held her underwater,” reads the documents.

As a result of the attack, the victim suffered “permanent injuries and disability.”

The lawsuit was filed by Kyle’s attorney in Beaufort County Circuit Court on October 7.

It claims that the Hilton Head Plantation Property Owners’ Association and The Rookery Community Association allowed “an unreasonably hazardous and unsafe condition” to exist. They did this by “failing to take appropriate measures to prevent alligators from attacking the public.”

Since 2000, the state of South Carolina has seen a steady uptick in alligator attacks. Many contend the issue stems from more people moving into the Lowcountry region.