The Internet Absolutely Can’t Get Enough of This Video of Monkey & Goat Best Friends

by Emily Morgan

We have the perfect clip to cheer you up if you’re having a tough day. After we came across a video of a goat and monkey sharing a tender moment, we can’t stop watching it on repeat. In the clip, the unlikely pair treat themselves to a snack and eat berries out of the palm of someone’s hands.

Although the clip initially went viral last year, it never gets old. Now, it’s resurfaced on Twitter and is making its rounds on the internet. In the video, a man calls out to the goat with a handful of berries. After the man hears the call, the goat slowly emerges from the woods and approaches the man. Then, the four-legged creature starts eating the berries. However, he’s not alone. He’s also got a baby monkey in tow, clinging on to the goat as if it’s its parent.

Viewers can see the goat nibbling on the berries, then, moments later, the baby monkey joins the goat and gets in on the snack. Later in the clip, the monkey makes itself comfortable on the goat’s back and enjoys its feast.

Viral monkey and goat clip makes the internet’s heart melt

The video was initially shared by an account known as Bui Minh Thanh on the YouTube channel titled “Animals Home.” On Thursday, the clip was reshared by the Twitter handle Buitengebieden.

In addition, the video has been viewed over eight million times, has over 250 thousand likes, and has been retweeted over 40 thousand times. Obviously, the internet is in love with this pair of cute creatures.

In the replies, a user wrote, “I wish we could observe this pair without disturbing them and just see what little adventures they go on. When they find a pond, when they nap, when they frolic. Oh my god, the cutest.”

Another user commented, “OMG! Why did they cut it off? I wanted to watch this forever.” “Holy s**t! How did I not see the monkey?!? I kept waiting and then I realized he’d been there the whole time,” a third user wrote. “Omg.. it literally took me several seconds to see the monkey!!! How cuuute,” wrote someone else.

The account first shared the video on the YouTube channel ‘Animals Home,’ which follows the daily life of a monkey named Bibi.

In another heartwarming clip from the same account, viewers can see an adorable monkey going on a journey to bring his goat friend some grapes.

The video was shared on September 27 and now has close to two million views. The clip opens with a monkey named Bibi, dressed in a purple suit with a tiny basket tied to his back. He later walks through grass and climbs up a hill.

Bibi then takes grapes out of his basket and returns to his goat friend to share the grapes with the goat.