Internet Freaks Out Over Bison Calves in Yellowstone National Park

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Peter Steffen/picture alliance via Getty Images)

It’s like Yellowstone National Park‘s own version of Bambi—but with bison. While the classic Disney tale follows a white-tailed fawn and his fellow forest friends from childhood to adulthood, a new viral video captures several of Yellowstone’s baby bison prancing and playing together as their parents look on, and the sweet clip has the entire internet absolutely melting.

According to USA Today’s For The Win, the footage was captured by Yellowstone National Park visitor Leslie Conover, who said she shot the videos around 9 p.m. Posting on the Yellowstone Geographic Facebook page, Conover said of the May 24th clip, “I had a great day yesterday and saw many bears that are always a cherished experience, but the highlight had to be these little bison calves playing in this ‘dirt play pen.’ Sheer joy to watch the innocence and carefree play for these newbies.”

The clip captures four to five playful bison in the frame at once, some playfully headbutting each other, hopping around in the dirt pit, and kicking up dust for the sheer joy of it. Viewers, taking to the comments beneath Conover’s video, reveled in their calves’ sweet innocence.

“Super cute!” one Yellowstone Geographic group member wrote. “These look like scenes out of a children’s book.”

Another viewer shared, “I laughed out loud watching these marvelous videos. Definitely a game of King-of-the-Dust Pit. Thank you for sharing these great videos.”

Yellowstone National Park Tourist Gets Way Too Close to Monster Bison

Don’t let the calves’ cuteness above fool you. A quick Google search tells you that these babies wean from their mothers between seven and 13 months of age and, by two to three years old, are fully mature and ready to reproduce. That said, just because these babies are cute now does not mean they won’t have the potential to gore you in a couple of years if you get half as close as this moron tourist did in the clip below.

The brief clip shows a woman recording a man who stopped his truck to observe a nearby bison. Now observing a monster bison from the safety of your truck a few feet away is one thing (though still not recommended). However, the video clearly shows the man lazily leaning on a short wooden barrier inches away from a half-ton animal that could, potentially, kill him.

Followers of the TouronsOfYellowstone Instagram page, which shared the above clip, absolutely ripped the Yellowstone National Park visitor in the following comments.

“These people are the reason goring is a thing,” one viewer wrote. Another asked, “Did they feel safe with that flimsy fence to protect them?” A third viewer, resigned, commented, “I simply don’t understand the need to get close to a wild animal.”

It’s pointless to beat a dead horse, but be sure to maintain a safe distance, several yards or more, from Yellowstone National Park’s wildlife the next time you visit. As one final viewer wrote on Instagram, “Its not Disneyland!”