Kangaroo Decks Photographer Mid-Photo: See the Pic

by Samantha Whidden

Not having any shenanigans from humans, a kangaroo ended up decking a photographer who was in the middle of taking a picture. 

The 1967 image, which was shared on Twitter by user Nature is Lit, showed the kangaroo punching the photographer and the camera went flying. “Kangaroo punches a photographer for trying to take its picture, 1967,” the tweet reads. 

The image appeared on Twitter just days after a 77-year-old Australian man was killed by a kangaroo. The attack is notably believed to be Australia’s first fatal kangaroo attack in more than 80 years. The New Times reported that the police believed that the man, who was identified as Peter Eades, had been keeping the wild animal as a pet. He was discovered with serious injuries by one of his family members on his property in rural Western Australia over the weekend. 

Although the police and paramedics were called to the scene, they were unable to reach Eades due to the kangaroo getting in the way. Unfortunately, officers ended up fatally shooting the animal, and Eades was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Wildlife Caregiver Says Authorities Rarely Approve Permits to Keep Kangaroo as Pets 

Meanwhile the New York Times reports that in Australia permits are required in order to keep wild animals as pets. However, Tanya Irwin, a senior veterinary nurse and wildlife caregiver at Native Animal Rescue in Western Australia, revealed that the authorities rarely approve of keeping kangaroos as pets. 

“They don’t cope well in human situations, in care,” Irwin explained. She said that fatal kangaroo attacks are extremely uncommon. This is due to the animals’ first instinct being to flee. They will also not attack unless they feel cornered. “Typically, when you come across them in the wild, they’ll let you know that they’re there and keep an eye on you, but they don’t come after you.” 

It was reported that the last reported fatal kangaroo encounter in Australia happened in 1936. This was in the state of New South Wales. William Cruickshank, who was attacked, succumbed to the injuries he sustained months prior. When he attempted to rescue his two dogs from a large kangaroo. The Sydney Morning Herald reported at the time that Cruickshank’s jaw was broken and he had extensive head injuries. Both injuries confined him to the hospital until his death. He was 38 years old.

Although deaths due to a kangaroo are considered uncommon, injuries have occurred during recent encounters. Earlier this summer, a kangaroo in Queensland cut and broke a leg of a 67-year-old woman. Another Queensland woman was kicked to the ground and stomped on while she was playing golf. A 3-year-old girl in New South Wales had serious cuts to her face and back from an encounter.