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Kangaroo Holds Dog Hostage in Tense Standoff, Squares Up for Boxing Match With Man

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Steve Christo/Corbis via Getty Images)

For many of us, our pets are family. And one man made this very clear to a kangaroo recently in Australia. The incident was captured on tape a while ago. However, it has only recently gone viral. It depicts the dramatic encounter where a large male kangaroo squares off with a man who is trying to retrieve his pet dog from the wild animal.

The Shocking Footage Shows The Massive Kangaroo Forcing The Pooch Into A Headlock

As the video begins we see the ground pass by as the group rides in a jeep driving through the outback during a pig hunt. The chatter is light-hearted as the hunters ride in the vehicle, the hunting dogs running ahead. However, the mood soon changes drastically when one man catches a glimpse of a kangaroo who has gotten his hunting dog in a frightening headlock.

The man, who reports identify as 34-year-old Greig Tonkins, quickly hops off the jeep, running toward the animals, intent on helping his dog. The man rushes to the wild animals, shocking the kangaroo. This, thankfully, gives the dog a small opening to take off, freeing itself from the kangaroo’s grip.

However, Tonkins wasn’t finished with the kangaroo. According to reports, the man was focused on scaring the kangaroo away. Ultimately giving his dog a chance to fully retreat. How does the man do this? By having a stand-off with the marsupial.

The Man Was “Very Lucky” Experts Say

Once the dog was free of the kangaroo’s grip, the man faced off with the wild animal, prepared to duke it out using his fists. He lands one punch on the kangaroo’s face before finally allowing the marsupial to retreat into the outback.

A move, National Geographic experts say, was not a very good idea. The man could have been seriously injured, or even killed during the confrontation.

“The guy’s very lucky,” notes Marco Festa-Bianchet who is an explorer who studies kangaroos. Festa-Bianchet also works as a biologist at Université de Sherbrooke in Quebec. Festa-Bianchet says that the man could have been killed by the massive animal. Contrary to popular belief, the expert notes, the animals aren’t often throwing punches. Instead, Festa-Bianchet notes, these massive marsupials prefer to use their legs for powerful kicks while balancing on their equally strong tails.

“I’m sure the punch hurt,” Festa-Bianchet says.

“You can tell the kangaroo is like, ‘Whoa what was that?'” the expert adds.

“That’s not what another kangaroo would do and a human does not give the right signals,” he says. “It kind of looks funny but it really was a dangerous situation.”

And, Festa-Bianchet explains that if the kangaroo had decided to fight back through kicking, the man could have faced deadly injuries.

“If the kangaroo had done that to the guy it could have disemboweled him,” he explains.