Kayak Fisherman Captures Heart-stopping Moment He Discovers He’s Surrounded by Sharks: VIDEO

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Joseph Prezioso/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

A self-proclaimed “person who owns too many fishing rods,” social media user Commodore Connor is no stranger to the open sea or the fish, sharks, and other marine life that live there. A resident of Hawaii, Connor’s favorite way to spend his free time is with a fishing rod in hand.

Rather than fishing from a boat, however, the dedicated outdoorsman prefers to travel in his neon green pedal kayak. Because reeling in a 40-pound fish just isn’t enough of a workout.

One warm summer day, Connor set out in his trusty kayak with the goal of catching a few open ocean fish. He chose his spot, bringing his kayak to a halt, and what luck! He realized there were yellowfin tuna in the water. And before long, the fisherman felt an enormous tug on his line.

He began to reel, the strain of securing the catch overpowered by his excitement to pull the colossal fish into his kayak. But when the huge 45-pound tuna finally broke the surface, exhilaration quickly soured into horror. Connor realized the tuna was missing two large chunks of its body – clearly bitten off by sharks.

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Brave Fisherman Returns to the Water After Encounter With Sharks

Realizing he had just stolen some sharks’ lunch, Connor paddled back to shore. “That is scary, I do not want to be out here,” he explained in the video. “Now is not a good time to fall into the water.”

And that was the last time he took his kayak into the ocean, right? At least for a while?

Nope. Connor was back out there the very next day. The entire process repeated itself: Connor paddled out into the open ocean, picked a spot, and began to fish. And for the second time, he pulled a tuna out of the water.

This time, he reeled in half of a fish, its entire lower portion missing and a chunk bitten out of its side by the sharks. He hadn’t seen the sharks the day before, but now that he had stolen a meal from them a second time, they made themselves known.

“Three [sharks] followed the tuna up to the kayak and tried to take the remaining part from me,” he recalled to Newsweek. “I reacted by securing the fish. It all happened quickly.”

Enraged that the fisherman refused to return their meal, the sharks followed him through the water. Eventually, however, they gave up the hunt and moved on to another fish.

“A ‘bad!’ did slip out as if it were a dog,” he said. “I just remained on the kayak and got some cool GoPro shots both above and below the water then left the area and carried on. They stopped following after about 50 yards.”