Kingfisher Dives for Fish, Perches on Fishing Rod to Devour Meal as Angler Catches it All on Film

by Josh Lanier

An English angler wasn’t lucky on his recent fishing trip for pike, but he still ended up with the catch of a lifetime. The 49-year-old captured video of a kingfisher diving into the icy water to snag a snack and then perch on his rod to eat his treat.

Steve Williams went fishing recently at a small lake in Shropshire, England, he told the Daily Mail. It was a snowy, early morning and he’d hoped to pull in a few pike. He set up his rod and reel on the bank, but not much was biting. Shortly into his morning excursion, though, he noticed a tiny kingfisher bird fly overhead and perch in a tree above him.

Williams said the bird was apprehensive of him at first. But as the snow fell, it provided him with a bit of camouflage.

‘I had dozens of missed chances but then it began to snow and that helped camouflage me,” he said.

That’s when the bird stopped taking much notice of him. Williams set up his iPhone beside him to capture video of the bird. He figured he’d capture some film of it flying away.

But after about two hours of filming, the bird dives beak-down from the tree and into the freezing water. A moment of more later it emerges with a small fish between its beak. To make the video even more remarkable, the bird flies over and lands on William’s rod and reel. It’s perfectly framed in the shot as if the bird knew its mark — as it gobbled down the fish.

“The icing on the cake for me was when it emerged and then flew up and sat on my rod,” Williams told the newspaper. “It was only about five feet away from me.”

The kingfisher lived up to its namesake that day.