Largemouth Bass Has Full-on Battle Royale Against Smallmouth Bass Over Baitfish: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed
(Photo Getty Images/ FtLaudGirl)

It’s no secret among most fishermen that largemouth bass has quite the appetite. Baiting these catches is a fairly simple process. Especially when considering some of the fussier fish that reside in waterways across the country. The largemouth bass is famous for finding nearly anything to be an adequate feast. If it can fit into the fish’s massive mouth, chances are the largemouth bass will make it happen.

However, one wild video depicts an unusual moment as a largemouth bass bites off more than it can chew, battling with a smallmouth bass for a baitfish. It seems as if the hungry largemouth bass has its eye only on a clueless minnow that has found itself squarely in between the hungry fish and a similarly hungry smallmouth. The largemouth lunges for the minnow and unexpectedly gets a mouthful of smallmouth instead!

This Smallmouth Bass Is Probably Very Glad The Largemouth Doesn’t Chew Its Prey

Some wild underwater footage shows viewers the moment the largemouth bass and the smallmouth come into contact while trying to score a bite of minnow.

As the two predator fishes close in on the clueless baitfish, they seem to be fairly unaware of each other. Their eyes are only on the minnow. Then, before viewers even know what’s happening the largemouth bass opens its humongous jaws, getting a mouthful of the approaching smallmouth. Good thing the largemouth bass doesn’t chew up its food!

Had the largemouth chomped down, we know that this smallmouth would have not gotten out of the weird predicament in tip-top shape. This is likely not the first time something like this has ever happened underwater. However, it’s certainly unusual to catch it all on video.

The Smallmouth Wins The Minnow Snack, But Its Pride May Be A Little Bruised…

When declaring a winner in this awkward and unplanned battle royale, it’s easy to declare the smallmouth bass the victor. After all, this fish is a well-known fighter. And, the one in the clip is just a tad faster, capturing the minnow in the end.

However, this fish wasn’t harmed in the encounter with the largemouth. But it did still end up with its head in the competitor’s mouth. Certainly a surprise for anyone we would think.