Leopard Divebombs From Tree to Ferociously Take Down Impala: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed

Lee Fuller of Lee Fuller Safari has been hosting safaris tours in Africa for a long time. However, even 22 years into the business he knows well that the outdoors – and nature in general – can still bring some unexpected surprises. This is exactly what happened recently during a safari when Fuller caught sight of a moment he calls the “best sighting” he has seen over his career.

“I’ve been doing safaris for 22 years,” Fuller says. “and I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Shocking Video Shows A Leopard Leaping Out Of A Tree, Ambushing An Unsuspecting Impala

During his 22 years guiding safari in the Alaskan bush Lee Fuller has captured plenty of impressive wildlife moments. However, one of his most memorable moments was one he caught on camera just recently. When a leopard dove out of a tree, ambushing an impala standing on the ground.

“This is the best sighting I’ve ever had the privilege of witnessing!” Fuller exclaims in the Insta post.

“Footage captured a few days ago whilst private guiding a safari for @geoex,” the safari guide adds. “It was the standout highlight of a trip.”

The Spotted Hunter’s Slick Moves Impress All Who Witnessed The Impressive Catch

Lee Fuller says that he was guiding a couple on a safari when he caught the shocking footage. The group was touring the Okavango Delta in Botswana which is known to be one of Africa’s most renowned natural wildlife sanctuaries. The area is famous for its massive grasslands as well as a vast amount of wildlife.

“I’ve never seen a leopard jump out of a tree like that before,” Fuller says of the moment. Fuller adds that even the other safari guide hasn’t had much experience with a catch like this one.

“The [other] guide who I was with has been in Mombo for 18 years, and he’s only seen this happen once before,” Fuller relates. “So yeah, it’s pretty rare footage I think.”

The brief but intense Insta clip shows viewers what goes down when a leopard pounces on an impala. And, it’s a sight that won’t soon be forgotten! The video begins with the antelope grazing on the grasslands at the base of a large tree.

At this point, the video is calm and serene. Then, in an instant, everything changes. The large predator leaps from the tree above. Landing right on top of the unsuspecting impala. Tackling the animal to the ground.

Before the impala even knows what’s happening, the leopard has it by the nose. Intent on not letting its prey go, the leopard wraps its legs around the antelope’s neck. Despite the hold the leopard has, the impala tries in vain to break free. But the leopard is not giving up. As the video continues, we see the impala is getting tired quickly. Telling us that the leopard is only minutes away from victory. Nearly ensuring some antelope steaks later that day for the fierce predator.