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Lioness and Her Four Cubs Bring Traffic to a Halt on Busy Road: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Hendri Venter)

A recent video shows a lioness and her four little cubs taking a stroll down a busy road, creating what could arguably be described as the world’s most adorable traffic jam.

The footage captures the adorable moment as the momma lioness walks gracefully on the road. The wild feline is leading her four cubs along the route as a line of cars follows slowly behind. The adorable sight took place in a South African national park.

The undeniably cute footage begins as the mama lion stands in the roadway, patiently waiting for her young cubs to catch up to her. They are bouncing around as they walk…easily distracted as little ones often are. However, the lioness is the picture of patience as her cubs run along.

In a Facebook post shared by the Wildest Kruger Sightings, we see the adorable video of the five lions as they take this afternoon stroll. The mother is confident and almost stately as she goes about her business with her younglings following close behind.

“Watch as a Lioness and her 4 furry cubbies cause the cutest traffic jam ever in Kruger National Park, South Africa,” the post says adding the hashtags #wildlife, #krugersightings, #wildanimals, #krugernationalpark, #nature.

As the animals walk along the road, we see a few of the vehicles hanging way back letting the group take their time as they continue on their way. However, other vehicles get a little too close for comfort as the onlookers try to get a good view of the unique sight. You would think these vehicles would worry the mama lion. However, she doesn’t seem to mind the audience, nor do her little cubs.

The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of The Adorable Moment The Lioness Takes Her Cubs Out For A Stroll

Eventually, the mama lioness and her cubs exit the roadway and into the brush on the side of the road. They walk through this area and onto another section of the roadway where they continue on their walk. And, of course, the comments section of this popular Facebook post went wild over the cuteness of it all!

“Beautiful sighting!” one commenter exclaims on the post.

“The Queen of the wild took her adorable cute cubs for a walk,” the message continues adding that it’s a sighting that is “so wow!”

“Even as babies, they walk like Lions!” another Facebook commenter observes.

“Too many vehicles for my likeness,” another Facebook fan notes. “[But] adorable lion family!”