LOOK: Absolutely Jacked Alaskan Moose Definitely Didn’t Skip Arm Day

by Amy Myers

We have to know what this guy’s workout regimen is. Recently, a video on TikTok surfaced that showed a ridiculously muscular bull moose standing in a field. How the videographer held the camera without shaking is beyond us.

The video came from a user named “thecryptoman_studios” who often posts mysterious clips of the paranormal, UFOs, unexplained subjects and ghost stories. While the typical moose doesn’t quite fall under any of these categories, this Alaskan bull’s size made it a contender for the unexplained.

In the clip, the giant bull stood in a dry, seemingly winterized field. It stared straight at the camera but seemed to have no interest in pursuing it – yet. With bulging neck, shoulder and calf muscles, it didn’t need to use any intimidation tactics. Its presence said it all.

@thecryptoman_studios Giant Alaskan Moose😳😳 #giantmoose #giantanimals #moose #fyp #tiktok ♬ original sound – thecryptoman_studios

Not surprisingly, viewers on TikTok flipped out over the moose’s impressive stature, their responses ranging from amusing to awe-struck.

“bro goes gym DAILY,” one person wrote.

“Bruh had me reaching into my pockets to hand over my lunch money,” another agreed.

“That’s a mountain,” added a third.

Just How Big Can Alaskan Moose Bulls Get?

Obviously, the insanely buff moose in the recent TikTok is among some of the largest and most dominant in its region. It’s hard to say exactly how large the bull is, but we can’t help but wonder if those massive shoulder muscles are more common than we think.

Typically, the average moose weighs in at about 1,000 pounds, roughly 500 pounds less than a dairy cow and half the weight of an American bison. But as we saw, this bull is no average male. According to Wide Open Spaces, the largest moose bull ever recorded was 1,800 pounds, and honestly, this bull looks like he could at least meet that record.

As for their height, moose tend to be between 7 to 8 feet at the shoulder with their antlers giving them a boost to upwards of 9 or 10 feet. To put it in perspective, a step ladder is the same height as these elegant yet terrifying creatures.

And if all of that wasn’t astounding enough, we still have to keep in mind that this giant moose bull gained all of that muscle mass on a strictly herbivorous diet. Granted, moose need somewhere around 40 to 60 pounds of “browse,” meaning leaves, bark, pine cones, twigs and buds of trees and shrubs. Like most members of the deer family, they also require a high amount of salt, particularly in the summer, which is why they’ll also add aquatic plants to their diet, too.

All of this is to say just how remarkable moose are collectively, as well as the beast we saw in the TikTok video. If nothing else, it’s a reminder that you don’t want to run into one in the wild without any means of protection.