LOOK: Amazing Photo Shows Coyote, Red Fox, and Gray Wolf on Trail Cam

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if three of our favorite nocturnal explorers set out on an adventure together? Well, the Nature Is Lit Twitter page is giving us exactly this! And people are absolutely loving it.

The account shared a composite photo of three American canids on a trail cam. The composite pic puts all three animals, a red fox, a coyote, and a gray wolf, walking in line. All as they appear to walk past the camera in the middle of the night. It almost makes us think of a family-friendly flick where the group is setting off on an exciting adventure!

The comment alongside the post starts out with a fire emoji. Then, the message notes that the pic is a “composite” one. Showing the “3 American canids walking past a trail camera.”

The picture may not be a real one featuring the wolf, coyote, and fox set out on a nighttime adventure. However, Reddit users are all for believing that this amazing moment actually happened. And, they have their own thoughts about the story behind such an image!

Redditors Imagine The Adventures This Fox, Coyote, and Wolf Are Getting Into

The Twitter post also includes a link to the Reddit page featuring the pic. Additionally, this link features the post and the fun photo. And, most of the commenters are all for deciding that this composite pic is actually a real snapshot.

“I reject your reality and substitute my own,” one Redditor comments alongside the pic. The Redditor continues the comment adding that the animals are “friends on an adventure.”

And, much of the comments following this Redditor’s note agree wholeheartedly that this is certainly the beginning of a big adventure for the wolf, coyote, and fox.

“Absolutely,” one Reddit commenter agrees. However, this commenter has a specific storyline featuring the red fox, the coyote, and the gray wolf in mind!

“They’re going to meet the ogre at the entrance of the flaming cave,” the Redditor says of the team.

“My brain must have skipped over [‘composite’] photo,” another commenter says noting that at first they “definitely thought” it was an unusual trio set out on an adventure.

“[So] I assumed the wolf was like husky sized,” the Redditor adds. “[And} the foxes were adorably tiny.”

“All they need is a bloodhound,” another comment quips. This Redditor notes that once a bloodhound joins the crew they would form a perfect “Disney movie.”

“Can we pretend these are just bros out for a night on the town?” another Redditor jokes.