LOOK: Black Bear Stuck in California Tree Rescued by Firefighters

by Chris Haney

On Monday, firefighters in California rescued an animal stuck high up in a tree, but we’re not talking about your stereotypical kitten in a tree scenario. Instead, rescuers safely removed a huge black bear from a tree in downtown Redding.

According to local Redding, California news outlet KRCR, the black bear was seen wandering around in a neighborhood off of Olive Avenue. At some point yesterday morning, the bruin made its way up a tree and got stuck.

Locals reported the bear in the residential area and officials responded to the scene. Authorities tranquilized the black bear, but things didn’t go according to plan. The animal fell asleep high up in the tree after getting tranquilized. Therefore Redding Fire Department’s Truck 1 crew utilized their vehicle’s ladder to remove the bear from the tree.

Thankfully, the firefighters safely brought the beast to the ground where they were able to make sure it didn’t suffer any injuries. Redding Fire officials spoke about the black bear rescue in a post on social media. The department shared that they transported the bruin “to a better, more natural habitat.” The Redding Fire Department shared further details about the encounter in their Facebook post.

“That’s not a kitty cat … it is a Bear in the tree!” RFD wrote on Facebook. “This morning Truck 1 was called to assist Fish and Wildlife officials to remove a bear from a tree. The bear was tranquilized in the tree and became stuck. Truck 1 secured the bear on their ladder and gently brought him to the ground. The bear was relocated to a better, more natural habitat. Firefighters always get called to very unique incidents.”

Wildlife Officials Tranquilize Black Bear Cub After It Roams Through Oregon Neighborhood

The aforementioned California encounter isn’t the only recent story involving a tranquilized black bear that had a happy ending. In fact, earlier this month, residents of Bend, Oregon spotted a black bear cub in a neighborhood. Following calls to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, officials got involved.

Upon arriving at the scene, the department tranquilized the young bear, administered health checks, and then released the animal into a more suitable habitat. ODFW explained that the cub was probably around 7-8 months old. After catching the young bruin, officials then released the cub back into Deschutes National Forest.

“It is unclear why the bear was separated from its mother prematurely,” an ODFW statement said.

“We have no reports of damage associated with this bear. So it’s likely the young bear just got confused and wandered into town,” said Andrew Walch, ODFW’s Deschutes district wildlife biologist.

“We are glad we were able to get this young bear back to the wild,” Walch added. “And thanks to the Bend Police Department for their assistance and the public for alerting us to the bear. The young bear is in good physical condition, which should increase its survival chances.”